Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Party Time

Okay, we really pulled it off! Phil was so surprised! Since the party was on Sunday, we had to come up with a way to get him out of the house, so I could decorate and the people could get here before him. We went to Church at 10.30, then he had to read EKGs at the hospital and Gabrielle went with him. When he was done she dragged him to the mall with some excuse, he really wanted to come home first and get changed but she insisted and we all know how Dads are with their little girls, they just can't resist. So she made him run to the different stores and of course she had the added benefit of some new clothes. It was kind of funny when they came to the house, because I had to lock the dog upstairs, so he wouldn't jump on everybody. Anyway, he was up there barking and I could hear Phil saying to Gabrielle: "Is that Maxi? Why is he barking?" After the first shock, this was his face after everybody yelled "surprise". He was happy, although he is not really a party person. It was nice having everybody at the house. George and Tom volunteered to grill the hamburgers and hot dogs. They did a nice job and it was great that I didn't have to bother with that while trying to entertain everybody else. Here are some more pictures from the event:

I thought that balloon was hilarious! I really like that Tshirt he got from Tom and Ann. They also included this little booklet with titbits of news and information from 1948

I will have to scan that in. All in all it was a great day, the kids got to swim, the weather was nice, Phil had a good time as did everybody else, plus he was happy that I cared enough to do this for him. He thanked me several times, which I thought was so cute. He sure doesn't look old, at least I don't think so. He is still a cutie!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Phil!
He does look like a cutie :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sad you didn't invite me Anke!
I mean really, even though I live in Montana...ha ha. Lucky hubby to have a wife who loves him so much and vice versa!!! Happy fourth my new friend. Scrap lots of pages for me to copy!!! Dawn

"See Me"... said...

Hi Anke I found my way here and will put you on my blog list.
I left you a message on my message talk about round about!
I love your international house and the party sounds great but I'm with Phil I don't like surprise parties.
It sounds like it all went beautifully.

Dawn said...

What a GREAT party and happy happy birthday to Phil!! Pictures are Great....having fun in class!!??

Terry said...

What a great party! Sorry I missed it:) Is Phil a cardiologist?

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