Monday, July 28, 2008

We made it

We are in Virginia, yeah! And the best thing (at least one of the best) is that we have free internet access, hurray! We just got back from dinner and I uploaded the pictures I have taken so far. I prepared stuff to take with us , so we had a fun picnic on the way down, look at the view, too bright but quite pretty!

This is our Hotel and Gabrielle found my laptop!!!

We decided we needed a bite to eat, so we walked over to Applebee's where there was a long wait, no matter what day we get here, we have to wait to eat. Nice ending to a long day. Just before getting to the Hotel we stopped for gas. I found a place that advertised 3.77 a gallon, so I swipe my credit card and then notice that that was a cash price, credit would have been 4.17. I almost fell over, that's quite a price difference. Needless to say I stopped the transaction and paid cash. I am just glad I noticed the little sign!
Look at the banana plant!


Terry said...

3.77 WOW!!! That is cheap!!! Good thing you pay attention tothe small details. Looks like a fun time so far. Have fun.

Carol said...

Your photos are great!

I don't get your petrol prices as we use litres, I don't know how much a gallon is BUT I didn't know you could charge a different amount depending on how you paid. I don't think you can here, I will have to check that out.

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