Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Cancun LOs

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I did these 2 pages early in the week as part of the book in 10 weeks challenge. It's all about our vacation in Cancun last year. It's really kind of silly, since we go there almost every year (we skipped this year), but I have so many pictures and not enough pictures of any other event to fill a whole book. The other page is from DDs template challenge (they have them every Thursday and I love using templates) I don't ever get a lot of comments, but I still love to do them. Boy, there are so many talented people over there, it's amazing.
Tonight we are supposed to have fireworks at the local mall, it has now been raining for a couple of hours. I would assume that would drown out any fireworks display. We went to see Prince Caspian with the kids, it was quite nice. The place was freezing though, I don't know why they assume that people are always sweating! We couldn't wait to get out into the warm air, only to find that it was raining and chilly! A sweater in July? Sad! I love that little map I added to my blog, it lets me see where you guys are all from, it is so neat! Don't worry, I'm not some weirdo, but it is interesting to see where people live. I can actually switch to Satellite and see the area. It feels as though one could actually drop in for tea and cookies :) Well, enough of that, I haven't finished a page in days, not even for Jessica's site, there are challenges all over the place, plus I have to categorize my supplies and do my photography assignment. If I find something I like, I will post it tomorrow.


Terry said...

Oh I just love these LO's. Funny, as close as I live to Cancun, I have never been there. Do you go during the winter months? Generally, we head to the mountains for summer vacation. this was the first year in many that we did not go.

Joanie said...

Anke- Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You get a dose of real life there! The sketch of my by my sister is free hand as is the one of my children. She does such wonderful things that have such character.

Carol said...

Your layouts are wonderful and you have done a fantastic job with the template.
I also have one of those maps and love seeing where people are from. It is wonderful to have friends all over the world.
Happy Independence Day, even without the fireworks :-(

Barb W said...

WOW. Wonderful layouts, beautiful children, too! TFS

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