Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poor Rachel!

I got her good this time! She was so funny, pushing her little nose against the screen in the kitchen. I just happened to be outside with my camera taking pictures of various things as usual, so I just turned around and snapped the picture of her. She really had no idea how funny she looked until she saw the picture. I know, I am such a mean mother, but I just had to use it. She actually wound up finding it pretty funny herself. She just wanted to make sure I would tell everybody that she is the same cutie with the big brown eyes!

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This morning I did this LO of my backyard. I always wanted to do the different photo versions on top of each other. I like the effect, just something different. I love that view from my kitchen window, if makes me happy to look up there, while I am working (when I'm not on the computer). It's a peaceful little spot for sure, I just don't get to sit up there often enough!

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jeanne said...

Love both of these layouts for different reasons. Your Oasis is just stunning. And your daughter's shot just cracks me up. Love the little things they do like that. Great catch.

Terry said...

The LO of your daughter is just so cute! Love the Oasis LO--stunning and love the technique. I think I'll have to lift the idea.

"See Me"... said...

The layouts are great. Your daughter still looks cute and what a great opportunity to catch her doing it.

I love the layout- the title really sums it up. One often has to remind oneself to continue to look at things and savour the moments. Being able to look out at something like that would be so serene.
Love the layering wonder if I can do similar with paper?

Carol said...

Your layouts are fantastic as always, but I couldn't help but laugh at the squashed nose.

Joanie said...

I left you love on the js gallery but I wanted to tell you again how much I like this page. It is so clever. I love all the color fades on within the frames! Great work!

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