Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is Sunday....

.....and I finished the next 2 pages for the Cancun book. Here we went on this really cool Jungle Cruise, speed boat through the Mongroves and then snorkeling on the open water. The kids were squealing under water with delight, it was so cute! DH had to do the driving. It wasn't easy to avoid the wake from the other boats, but he did okay.

credits here

We are trying to get ready for our trip tomorrow. The birds have been dropped off for boarding, instructions for watering left with the neighbor, clothes have been piled up, laundry is almost done. I have to make sure I pay all the bills, then pack the suitcase. I cooked some stuff to take along, we will just have a picnic on the way down instead of going to a restaurant. I always did that with the kids when we went to the local amusement park, that was their favorite part. It's amazing the things they eat when they are really hungry!

I will miss all my buddies during this week, but a week in Virginia will be fun. I hope you will keep checking in. I will post if I can, but I doubt that I will have a connection. Ciao a presto!


Terry said...

I have really enjoyed all of your Cancun LO's. Makes me feel as if I were there too. I know, how about taking me next time!! LOL Have fun on your vacation--will miss your posts. See you in a week!!

Heather said...

Hi Anke, have a wonderful time! Be back soon with more Cancun LOs, okay?

jeanne said...

Great layouts!!! Have a wonderful time in Virginia. You will be missed. Safe travels!!

Carol said...

Your layouts look fantastic.
Have a wonderful holiday.

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