Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dinner twice

wow, my lucky days! Yesterday we went to the CountryClub to hit some balls and to have dinner, since I realized that the month is almost over and we still had to use up our minimum dinner requirement. With us being away next week this is it. I hit a few fairly good balls, so it was fun and I loved not having to cook. I took my camera with me and shot a few pics. This is one of them, I don't want to bore everybody.

Today was my last day to train for over a week, I can give my body a little rest, but I will gain a few pounds, I'm sure (especially with us eating out all the time) I have been eating joghurt with fruit and a little granola for lunch every day and it really made a difference. I was down 3 pounds! Let's see how long this will last. We went to Mass at 4 today, so we won't have to rush in the morning, plus I wanted to pack and clean everything up. DH agreed to go out to dinner because DD asked him. He can't resist her puppy eyes. He is just a pushover, dear guy. So we went to our favorite Chinese place, the kids love the buffet, it really is good, of course, here come the pounds again!

The girls actually went swimming after we got home. I don't get the fun of it when it's not even sunny outside. It was getting dark. Before that we took a few pictures in the neighbor's yard. She had this gorgeous Lilly blooming, I had never seen this particular color before, I love it. I played with layers a bit and added a ghostbone texture.

Here are some more pics, just for fun, Gabrielle took a few (the butterfly is hers, isn't it gorgeous? Of course I had already put in the settings on the camera)

So Gabrielle wanted to know why they are called Lamb's Ear and I told her to touch it. I think she figured it out. Two of my Clivias are blooming, the one in the foreground is a little bit darker red, I love it! Last but not least I finished a quickie LO. I really liked this photo, Gabrielle took it one day on our way home from piano. I couldn't believe it turned out this nice. I added the birdies in the photo.

K.Pertiet Vintage Text paper (background), stamped moments, under the Tree bracket (recolored), ledger grid, barely there alpha A.AspnesZigzagframe Dana ZarlingInspire paper MAWiseFrame of Mind font: Anke calligraphy, brush SS birds


jeanne said...

Oh wow! Phenomenal layout. Perfecto. Gorgeous. Love that shot. Please tell me you took it on auto????? Is it manual????

Heather T. said...

Pretty layout!! =) Ps--for the tag, I took it from a different picture altogether *lol*

Terry said...

Wonderful LO and I just love all the pics! Even the kids are getting into photography and becoming accomplished photographers!! It's nice to eat out every now and then, huh. Have a great time on your trip---resist the urge, pass on the meal and go straight for the dessert! LOL

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