Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I can't believe the last day of the year is here! Where did this whole year go? Well, here is hoping next year will be healthy and just plain ordinary! I can live with that, no bad surprises, no health problems, Phil's tests will all be normal and we can go on vacation without worries :) All our friends and family will be fine, their problems will be in the past, good health to all of them too! That is my wish for the coming year!
We don't really have any plans for today. The kids are looking forward to staying up late and getting their special drink tonight ( a drop of champagne in orange juice, the glass edges dipped in juice and sugar to coat them. They think it's the coolest thing! Plus I still have some old Bleigiessen stuff, we might dig that out and do it over again :). For those of you who don't know it, it's a german tradition. You have these little lead (very lightweight) figurines that are being placed on a spoon and heated over a candle until liquid. You then dump the content very rapidly into a bowl of cold water and they take on these weird shapes. You are then supposed to look up the shape in a booklet provided to see what good luck is being promised with it. It's just fun to dump the stuff and see what happens!

I just finished my Shutterfly book about Advent, I had a coupon and it expired tonight, so I just made it. It came out cute I think. Here is the link if you want to take a peek

That's pretty much all I have been working on these last past days, so I have no new pages to show you (I am sure you are crying right now :))
The kids and I met my friends from Altoona at the Mall yesterday (waving). We had lunch together and did some shopping. It was so good to see them, albeit a little chaotic with all the kids in tow, plus it gets so hot now, wearing a coat to the mall is no fun and then carrying bags on top of that is almost too much! We will have to get together and do nothing some other day, so that we'll have some time to chat and not play hangman with the kids :) (not that that wasn't fun)
I also talked to my brother yesterday. It's always nice to get an update from Germany, I talked to my sister Barbara the day after my birthday also, I hadn't heard from her in so long, it was really nice. So in the last week or so I have spoken to all of them, cause I called Edith and got to talk to Brita too. yeah! I still have family. Sometimes I feel sad for the kids. They seem to miss having cousins around here like all of their classmates do. Not much I can do about that.
Well, I am leaving you with good wishes for the NewYear, stay healthy and my resolution for the New Year is to keep my blog more up-to-date :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still alive!

But you all knew that anyway, didn't you? It's just that life really got into the way of blogging, I couldn't even tell you exactly why. It seems that whenever I have a few minutes I'd rather spend them on getting a page done, so forgive me and my resolve for the New Year is going to keep this blog in a more timely fashion, so come and kick my butt when I don't (heehee)
Well, Christmas has come and gone, it was a busy time, as all you mothers out there know, all the preparing, buying, decorating etc seems to take forever. Of course this year I was so behind with not having my house in order to begin with. I finally hired somebody to finish my floor in the sunroom, why I didn't do this earlier is beyond me. They came and started on a Wednesday, were finished by Friday and came back the following Tuesday to put my furniture back in the room. Very professional and clean and I had my room back within a week. What a relief! Now all my plants have a place in the light again and hopefully they will stop shedding all their leaves soon :)
The kids' play was great, the girls did a wonderful job with their performances and Michael sang his little heart out. I was very proud of them, especially Rachel, this being her first solo performance. She really pounded her fist on the table with her first "objection" being the defense attorney (the play was called "The not so silent night" and the shepherds were on trial for making too much noise. It was quite good.
It's gotten really cold here, definitely no more Indian Summer :) We have snow and today the sun seems to be coming out, but it's only 22 out there, yuck! The south is starting to look more and more attractive :) We were just talking at breakfast about the times we went to Grenada bk (before kids) and how pretty it was with all the flowers and gorgeous colors. The whole time I was thinking what kind of pictures I could have been taking then, had I known what I know now. Makes me sad and wishing to go to some pretty place so I can shoot something other than my stupid backyard and the cats :) Even Cancun is the same thing all the time...not that I'm spoiled or anything :)
A couple of weeks ago I went to look at my Mozy backup system and I noticed it said it was backing up something like 250 GB. I had just spent months backing up that much, so there couldn't possibly have been that much left to do. That really freaked me out and I went to check my account and there was literally nothing there but what had been backed up the day before. What a shock! I immediately fired off an email and got a response pretty quickly. Sounds like some kind of a glitch in their update or something. I had to download a new link and restart. Fortunately it found all my data on their server and the backup went really rapidly this time. Now I am almost done again and if you know Mozy you know how slow this is. Plus no matter what they say, it really slows my system down when it's running. Once I am done with everything I will set it to run at night only.
Well, the kids are off this week yet, so we have a little mini vacation. Not that we are doing anything out of the ordinary but just not having to rush in the morning is great! Over Christmas I wasn't able to spend much time scrapping or on the computer at all for that matter. I did Daily December pages but I will only do them until the 25th, because I did them more like and Advent calendar, using the biblical quotes out of the kids' calendars for the journaling. I think it will be pretty. Plus I am still doing my 365 pages which account for the every day stuff anyway. I think I will keep doing those next year, I had fun with that project. I won't bore you posting all the December Daily pages, once the book is done, I will post a link to that. Here are the pages I have done in the last month or so. Some of them are the 365 pages. I guess you will be able to tell which ones, they are the ones that match :) I tried to keep all the facing pages similar, so that they will flow in the book. I just hope it will look nice.

These are pages done for PixelCanvas. I really need to get some more pages done for them, they have cute stuff coming out for the new year :)

For Christmas I made Rachel a book with most of the pages I had done about her through 2008. I think she really liked it. Not all pages were great, some I did when I first started scrapping, but they are what they are and she loves looking at herself. Here is a link if you are interested. Like I said, it's not the greatest, but she loves it.
I also made the girls notebooks for which I designed the covers. At first they didn't even realize they were on the front, it was hilarious. Rachel thought, there was some indian girl on the cover...:) Let me see if I can get a copy...


well, they aren't big, but you get the picture (literally :))
Okay, half the morning is gone already. Michael and I have piano lessons today, so I need to practice a little, so I don't waste my money completely :) I will really make an effort to keep this blog going better and then it won't take half the morning to get an update with all the pages....

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!