Wednesday, February 15, 2012

of teeth and feasts :)

Phil had to have a tooth removed on Monday, it was done with conscious sedation and it all went well of course. Funny to see him afterward, kind of gives you an idea of what they will be like when they are old and feeble minded LOL. It was too funny! Anyway, we got over that hurdle well.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day of course and we got our red roses. I got a bunch, the girls got a single one with a little teddy and Michael got a football cup filled with candy, plus I got each of them chocolates, so they have nothing to complain about :) Gabrielle met with Riley and they went to dinner with his Mom. He gave her this cute teddy and adorable necklace, way too much! He is such a good kid, first love!! I am not looking forward to the heartbreak of the first breakup.

Today is my oldest sister's birthday, she turned 71! How can that even be???? I just got off the phone, I talked to her, my brother and my youngest sister, it's so good to hear their voices again. She was bugging me about coming for the class reunion that's being organized, it sure is tempting, but really hard....

I was just thinking how nice it is to have these few morning hours all to myself, but only because I know the crowd is going to be back later. How I would miss them if they weren't! I don't do change well I suppose, I am so dreading them going away to school in the future. And then hubby retiring, he'll be around all the time, yikes!!! I might have to get a job :)

Last week I found my little lovebird dead in his cage, that truly threw me for a loop! I was really attached to that little bugger, he would sit on my shoulder and give me kisses, I so miss him! He was dang cute!

I am all caught up with my weekly pages

and some more pages

I am trying to use the not-so-good photos I have also, they usually have a cute story that I want to remember, even if the picture is not that stellar. After all, that's what it's all about, right?

It's so funny, while I am here typing this I am chatting with an old friend in Germany, I am loving this communication bit we have today, the world is getting smaller all the time :)

Well, I am going to make myself a turkey sandwich and check on my Words with Friends (scrabble via iphone). Have a great day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old Friends

This is just the coolest thing! I have been contacted by some old classmates in Germany who are planning a 50 year reunion this year. I am just blown away by the memories that suddenly flood my brain. I have been sent pictures, shared memories with a few old friends and plan to stay in touch through Skype and Facetime. One of my friends just sent me the link for an Iphone App that allows me to listen to a Wuppertal Radio station, which is where I grew up. Just to hear them talk about my city is wonderful. I am all giddy about the whole thing. It saddened me to hear that one of my old friends passed away a few years ago.
The weather around here makes you wonder if we will ever have any kind of winter. We had sweater temperatures the last few days and then today we had some snow that didn't last long. Suits me just fine, it can stay away until March and then it can get warm again :)
I have been able to keep up with the weekly pages so far, here is last weeks:

I really enjoy using those pocketpages for the photos, they are such fun. There are so many cute little labels in the store now, that fit perfectly into the slots, or that can be resized easily.

I did get a few other pages done as well

As always, the credits can be found in my gallery, link on the right :) All Designer Digitals, of course.

We went to see Haywire last week, so confusing and unbelievable. it wasn't worth it. It was just good to get out without the kids for a change, so we still had a fun time.

I'm on the Parish Council and we were working on a new directory. Some people could not make it to the appointed place for the photos, so I offered my services to go to their homes and take a picture. Today I went to see this gentleman who is 87 years old, has been on crutches all his life for PostPolio but has never let that stop him. He used to be a photographer on the side, doing 50 weddings a year. He was amazed at what my camera could do when I told him I was not going to use any flash. He really liked his picture, which made me happy. Such an interesting man. He showed my some Christmas Cards he made before I was even born. He used cutouts of himself and placed them into these cool scenes. Stuff we can do easily in Photoshop today, but back then that was quite a challenge. Very cool stuff, cheesy but fun! I really enjoyed talking to him.

My sweet not so little daughter just had to come over and sit on my lap, leaning back against me, trying to crush my windpipe LOL. She is such a stinker, I don't know why she gets such a kick out of doing that. Michael is at a recruitment dinner for football. It's at the High School, they were serving them pizza and then they got to watch a game at the gym, not sure what kind, but he was all excited. Something to do with the guys! I was pretending to be getting ready to go with him and he almost flipped out. He tried to talk me out of it, telling me it was only for the kids and that he didn't like me going places with him and so on and so forth. Made me laugh but also made me sad. They are all growing up way too fast. Actually I was getting dressed up for an appreciation dinner at Church tonight. I took Helen with me, so she wouldn't have to go by herself. It was pretty nice, only offset by the fact that one of the older ladies didn't feel good and passed out. I believe she even stopped breathing there for a while, because somebody said that she was given CPR which made her throw up. They called the EMTs and she looked a lot better by the time they were getting her to the Hospital. I hope she'll be all right. She has always been such a lady, she used to come to School to read to the kids.

Here is a quick picture of my gang. It's on my Facebook Timeline. Every time I look at it, it makes me happy :)

Well, that was the update for the day. Have a great weekend!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!