Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a quickie

Well, I promised, didn't I?
Not that much happened today. I had to help in school with lunch. I don't mind that, the kids like to see me and I get to eat a junky lunch with DS, because he is in the last group to be fed. So I sit with the boys and listen to their goofy stuff. In the afternoon I had to take him to get his new glasses, then make dinner and so on. Just a regular Monday. I was able to do a couple of pages though. I did one for RobenMarie at PaperbagStudios. Here are the credits for this one. I did another one, but it's done with a new kit that won't come out for a little while, so I can't put it out yet.

I finished another 365 page

and the last one is in the works already, I should be all caught up by tomorrow (if I have a second to sit down tomorrow, it's one of my run around days). Anyway, that was my day today, isn't it exciting? We'll see how tomorrow goes. Off to bed now

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been a while

I hope you all missed me :) I am afraid it's been almost 2 weeks or even more, but on the other hand at least you didn't have to come here and leave comments every day LOL. I will really try to do better. After so many days have passed, it almost becomes overwhelming to start posting, because I have so many LOs to put on here and I forget which I posted already. What a dilemma to have, isn't it? Life has just been going on, school projects, doctor appointments, glasses, sports, you know what I mean. It's busy! Maybe if I try a little every day it's easier....I might just try that, I hope you'll put up with seeing a post every day. Let me just do the pages and get that done with

2009-DD-photograph A-moment-in-Time---Josie coming-or-going even-big-boys Josie joy Mass-mexican-style Mexican-Real-Estate Perilous-mantainance Play smile 2009-Vinnie-LeapMexican-Beauty

The next ones I did for PaperbagStudios. She just came out with a new kit called Spring in my Step, it's quite cute. There is another one coming out in a couple of days, those pages later.


I made a few pages for Vinnie but I can't post those yet either. She has a bunch of kits coming out the beginning of April and man they are cute! I made the Energy LO above with her stuff. It was an inspiration piece she had posted and that is what I came up with. I am getting caught up with my Project 365, just a couple of weeks to go. I just can't scrap all of them in a row, I need to do other stuff in between. It's all because of the vacation, that kind of threw me for a loop.

Yesterday was funny. DD was having a chat at 11AM but I had to take Gabi to a Diversity seminar in Altoona, which is about 1 hour away. I took my laptop and went to Panera's because my GF told me they had Internet access. So I sat there, had my lunch and participated in the chat challenge and made the Josie page (on top, 3rd LO). It had to be done in 30 minutes and there were certain requirements. I love those challenges, it's pressure but fun. People at DD were teasing me about sitting in the restaurant scrapping but I really didn't want to miss it. I have reached a new low! Or maybe I should say a new level of addiction.

The class with Pattie is over but she is coming out with a new one in a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure I will take it. Although some of the things I already knew, there were always steps that were different, so I did learn quite a bit!

All right, this is it for tonight, I'll have to save some for tomorrow :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm baa ack

I bet you didn't think you would hear from me again today! I didn't think so either. I am sitting here while the kids are taking their piano lesson. I always take my laptop with me, at least I have something to do. Tonight I actually organized a bunch of stuff in ACDSee, I am so proud of myself. Then I started working on another page, but I don't have my mouse with me and the laptop mouse is driving me crazy. Every time I click on a layer, the layer disappears. When I look in the history, it says move, I have no idea why. It's a good thing we can go back in time, wouldn't it be nice if we could do that with life? Anytime something happens that we don't like, just go into the History file and undo the moment..... anyway, since that was driving me crazy, I decided to wait til I get home. In the meantime I could start a new post.

Boy, today was a gorgeous day, beautiful sunshine, but chilly. You can tell spring is coming though. The sunshine is warmer and there are robins all over the place!

Okay, so now it's Saturday again, I should have known I  wouldn't be able to finish the post last night. I finished a page while sitting though, here it is

wonder-of-spring We were using Overlays and learned how to recolor them. I had a lot of fun with this one. I also used the clone tool to transfer the picture, which is from lesson one. Great fun, lots of little tricks I didn't know or couldn't remember from Jessica's. I just posted this one a little while ago. It was for the Saturday Scraplift at DD

Time I am spooky looking!

Here is one I did for Vinnie

Dream Her elements are so cool, everything is already together, it's so easy to make something artistic looking. That's it for the pages for now

I went to Karate this morning and you know who was all sweet and thankful for my help. I just wish he didn't have to flip like he tends to, he is turning everybody off, well, at least those of us who take the brunt of it. I don't remember a single time he yelled at any of the guys....what does that tell you? I brought that up once and man, did he flip at me, which really tells me that I hit a nerve. Oh well, it's this whole martial arts mentality, I am not really buying into that so much. I mean, I pay my dues, I just want to come to class, learn what I can, get some exercise and have fun. It's not like I joined the Army or something where I have to take somebody's crap all the time. I won't even let hubby talk to me like that. The guy really has to mellow some. If he weren't so good ......Well, enough of that!

Nothing much happened the rest of the day, Gab was at a sleepover and didn't come home til 3 or so. Rachel went to a friend's house, so I had to take her and pick her up later. Other than that I just sat and scrapped, how fun is that? Maybe more tomorrow. signing off

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day off

I skipped Karate this morning and went to see my GF about 1 hour away. We had a really nice time, went to the Olive Garden for lunch (their soup and salad is fabulous and you get free refills until you explode), met another friend and had a great girl time. That place was packed! We couldn't even park there, had to walk a little, what is it, the last day before Friday, so they all take advantage of being able to eat meat? It was good though and we had a few great laughs at our own expense, talking about hot flashes and declining hearing and eyesight. How more depressing could it get if you didn't laugh about it! Then we ran over to Sam's and I added a little more to the economy rescue plan. I do love that place though, there is so much temptation... I mean, how can you go past an enormous apple pie for a good price, considering they piled 3 lbs of apples on there.. I get my large bag of Pakistani rice (of course when I got home I realized I still had a whole one), large bag of pancake mix and so on. Of course we need all that stuff, don't we? Like the 3 pack pound cake and the yummy strawberries. We had a nice desert tonight at least.

The class at Debbie's has started. Pattie Knox is teaching about different uses of embellishments. The first lesson was on brushes and I am so glad I am taking this class, I already learned stuff I didn't know. How fun! Today we got the second class material, this one is on Overlays. I didn't read it yet, but I love OV to begin with. That should be fun too. Here are 2 pages I made for the brushes class, they were both a lot of fun to create. Hopefully tomorrow I can start on the next one.


Speaking of Hot Flashes, here is a page I did the other day after another restless night, waking up continously with, guess what? sweat!


Like I said, when you get older, you really need a good sense of humor! Here is the next 365 page and another one i did for a lift.


And lastly a page I did for Vinnie as a scraplift challenge. Her stuff is so playful and fun to work with.


Okay, high time for me to hit the bed, maybe I will write some more tomorrow, of course I don't have any pages then, so maybe we'll just chat and I might find a picture or two...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Saturday

this seems to be a theme, of course, Saturday is a good day for me to sit down and write a little, I have more time. I don't know how Terry does, she blogs almost every day and she works out of the house. Kudos to you girl. Of course, I don't really have that much to say either, life is the same day in and day out.

Today I took G and M to the Mall just to pick something up that they were holding for me at Boscov's. Of course we had to see what they had on sale at Aeropostale and came back with $ 105 less in my wallet. Good grief! Talk about stimulating the economy, I am doing it all by myself.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, talking about spending money just reminded me that I just bought CS4, I am so happy. Of course now my DVD player in my laptop isn't working! I don't know what's wrong, something about the driver not being recognized or unable to load or some other weird message. Now I'll have to call my guru on Monday and see if he can't figure it out. I wouldn't even know who to contact, HP or who? There is just always something that breaks. The icemaker isn't running either. Good grief! So what do I do? I sit and scrap! Good thing I have peeps for everything :)

Today was such a glorious day, sunny and warm, it actually went up to 65. Considering that we were in deep freeze just a couple of days ago, that is really remarkable. We went to the pancake breakfast at Church today, their pancakes are always so good, really fluffy! Of course that is not exactly what I need but who cares. My online friend Tammy is always posting these really yummy recipes and last week I asked her for one for lent, since we can't eat meat. She was sweet enough to dig one up for me and will do so every Thursday during Lent. Isn't she the sweetest? Check her blog, she has really good stuff there with great pictures. I told her she should write a book.

Today I finally started my project 365 up again. I did 2 pages and I am done with January. Only 5 more weeks to go to catch up :) Here they are

Project365 week 4 Project365 week5

I really like this format with the rounded corners. Looking at those pictures I wish I could go back!

Here are some other pages I did this week

Beautiful-YOu hammock-fun You-are-adorable Mexican-Beauty

These are all pages made for Designer Digitals. Find the credits here

The following are for PixelCanvas (Vinnie Pearce) I do like working with her supplies, she is so very talented!


There are 2 more pages I did for PaperbagStudios, but that new kit isn't coming out for a couple of days yet, so I am supposed to wait til then. Maybe I will actually have to post again before the next weekend, imagine that! Okay, now that you are all up-to-date, I can sign off and scrap some more, rofl!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!