Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a quickie

Well, I promised, didn't I?
Not that much happened today. I had to help in school with lunch. I don't mind that, the kids like to see me and I get to eat a junky lunch with DS, because he is in the last group to be fed. So I sit with the boys and listen to their goofy stuff. In the afternoon I had to take him to get his new glasses, then make dinner and so on. Just a regular Monday. I was able to do a couple of pages though. I did one for RobenMarie at PaperbagStudios. Here are the credits for this one. I did another one, but it's done with a new kit that won't come out for a little while, so I can't put it out yet.

I finished another 365 page

and the last one is in the works already, I should be all caught up by tomorrow (if I have a second to sit down tomorrow, it's one of my run around days). Anyway, that was my day today, isn't it exciting? We'll see how tomorrow goes. Off to bed now


Carol said...

I think you had a pretty interesting day Anke! I would love to sit and eat lunch with the kids at school.

Carol said...

Ooooh now I get to follow along on your blog too. What fun!

latz said...

Glad to get some time with DS this way and that you get to know his friends as well. Great job keeping up with the 365.

Heather said...

I'm impressed that we are in April and you are still doing 365. I thought I could do 52, but that's even become "12". LOL

Love seeing your beautiful LOs!

Linda said...

Ahem, missy, time for an update? :D I hope everything is ok? Hugs!

Celia said...

Hi Anke
Thanks for visiting my blog- it is easier to keep up to date when one is out and about but then one doesn't seem to have time... vicious circle really.
My aim is to get back to visiting others regularly so hope to hear from you soon.

Never say Never!

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