Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day off

I skipped Karate this morning and went to see my GF about 1 hour away. We had a really nice time, went to the Olive Garden for lunch (their soup and salad is fabulous and you get free refills until you explode), met another friend and had a great girl time. That place was packed! We couldn't even park there, had to walk a little, what is it, the last day before Friday, so they all take advantage of being able to eat meat? It was good though and we had a few great laughs at our own expense, talking about hot flashes and declining hearing and eyesight. How more depressing could it get if you didn't laugh about it! Then we ran over to Sam's and I added a little more to the economy rescue plan. I do love that place though, there is so much temptation... I mean, how can you go past an enormous apple pie for a good price, considering they piled 3 lbs of apples on there.. I get my large bag of Pakistani rice (of course when I got home I realized I still had a whole one), large bag of pancake mix and so on. Of course we need all that stuff, don't we? Like the 3 pack pound cake and the yummy strawberries. We had a nice desert tonight at least.

The class at Debbie's has started. Pattie Knox is teaching about different uses of embellishments. The first lesson was on brushes and I am so glad I am taking this class, I already learned stuff I didn't know. How fun! Today we got the second class material, this one is on Overlays. I didn't read it yet, but I love OV to begin with. That should be fun too. Here are 2 pages I made for the brushes class, they were both a lot of fun to create. Hopefully tomorrow I can start on the next one.


Speaking of Hot Flashes, here is a page I did the other day after another restless night, waking up continously with, guess what? sweat!


Like I said, when you get older, you really need a good sense of humor! Here is the next 365 page and another one i did for a lift.


And lastly a page I did for Vinnie as a scraplift challenge. Her stuff is so playful and fun to work with.


Okay, high time for me to hit the bed, maybe I will write some more tomorrow, of course I don't have any pages then, so maybe we'll just chat and I might find a picture or two...


Joanie said...

Oh Anke, do I ever hear you with the hot flashes! I started 10 years ago (yes, very sad!) After 5 years of torture I finally said... ENOUGH!! And started HRT. My friend said it looked like my head was going to explode... and she wasn't wrong! Just when you think "Whew, no more PMS!" you get hit with hot flashed and night sweats... not fun!

Joanie said...

BTW... I loved all your pages. I think my favorite is your cute little dog.

Terry said...

It's always nice to have a girls day out, huh. I love Olive Garden!!

I am learnin a bunch in Patti's class-haven't even looked at lesson 2. I love the LO of Max. He's adorable.

Jeanne said...

Love your layouts...all of them, but especially the hot Mama one...maybe because it reminds me of me. Even though my dr says I'm too young...I am in the beginning stages of the "change." So it strikes close to home for me. But all of them are awesome.

Glad you had a fun girls day out! We all need that from time to time.

You are tempting me about the Debbie Hodge class (rather Pattie Knox). Haven't done digi for a while and wonder if it will spark my digi juices...

Oh, you asked...I DO send out/use the cards I make IF I have the person's address (hint, hint)...

Carol said...

Sounds like you have been having a nice time with friends. I love how you are rescuing the economy. My DH keeps telling me I don't need to put so much effort into getting businesses back on their feet lol.

Gorgeous pages.

latz said...

More lovely pages and I appreciated the humor and reality of your hotflashes page (with you there girl). Sounds like you're enjoying time with friends and your new class!

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