Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation Day

Today Rachel is graduation from 8th Grade! Where has the time gone??? My baby going to  High School, it seems hardly possible. After this, I will only have Michael left at the school. I'm sure he won't mind :) Here is a preview of Rachel's attire, at least part of it LOL.

A lot of practicing has been going on. It was very needed with that kind of heel! Now of course she it towering over everybody, including her dad :) This afternoon we have an appointment to get her hair done. She has been checking out websites for dos for days now! I'm sure our stylist is going to come up with something suitable and not overly done. She acts as though she is going to a wedding LOL.

Our weather has finally improved some. It's warm like summer and today it's gorgeous, sunny, beautiful! Usually that is followed by tons of rain, like last night. Keeping my fingers crossed. I was going to go for a run, but it is really humid out there, not very enticing. I am trying to get Rachel to go for a fast walk at least. She only now got up, it's close to lunchtime. Must be nice to be done with school while your siblings still have to get up early and sit in class all day.

Phil and I went and bought some hanging baskets the other time after cleaning the back patio and the tables and chairs. Now it looks like summer out there once again. Our man called to tell us he would come by yesterday to begin opening the pool. Of course as usual he was not seen or heard from... so typical, that's why I don't use him for anything anymore.

Saturday we had certification at karate. We didn't really know a whole lot since we were just promoted and haven't been training much, but since we couldn't fail, we thought we go anyway. I am glad it's over. He told all us 3rd degree Black Belts to check our scores because we did so poorly. It was pretty bad, but considering that he was the one scoring, I am not surprised and I won't even worry about it. He doesn't like it when we don't come to class often but hey, we have a life too....

I am not making this too long, I will try to keep this blog updated a little better in the future. Maybe playing that stupid FB game would help....

I'm falling behind on my 365 pages again, they are such a chore :) Here are the latest ones I did...

as always you can find all the credits in my Designer Digitals gallery

Well, Rachel agreed to a walk, so I better hurry and put my shoes on before she changes her mind again LOL. Talk to you all soon

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and more

Well, it's over. I got my dozen roses and candy and dinner out, which was great! I need all the holidays to be over with already though. I can't have all this candy around anymore. WE go from one to the next and my belly is growing with it... I must say that the best gift on Mother's Day was a note from Rachel on FB. At least she made an effort to create something. She also did a drawing of a picture of me from some years back, so cute! Here is the page I made about the poem :)

Gabrielle got me chocolate covered strawberries, which I love (but more fat :))
Well, I bought myself a pair of good running shoes and will get back out there. The sun has finally made an appearance around here, my porch is nice and clean, shiny tiles and all, I love it! Now I am looking around and I don't know where to start. There is so much to be done, shrubs to be trimmed, weeds to be pulled, basic clean-ups and more. That's the one part about summer I don't like, all I see is the work that needs to be done LOL. But, boy, does the sun make one feel better all around!
I had cafeteria duty this morning, I help out occasionally with the food line. I actually enjoy that, it's so nice to see the kids during their school day. Of course Rachel needed money right away, since they were having  the book fair today. They really need more books :) That's one thing they always buy when we go to the Mall.

Last night I took a couple of pics at the Chinese restaurant. They have this large fish tank dividing two rooms and I got the girls looking at the fish :)

that place is fun!

I got a few new backdrops the other day, I can't wait to put them up and see what they will look like. I got a bunch of frames and had some of my photos printed, all for the studio walls. I think they came out nice, I can't wait to see them on the wall. Which means that I better get busy doing something other than sitting at the computer, right? :)

Oh yes, if you are on FB, don't, I repeat don't start playing Gardens of Time. It is way too addictive, trust me, you won't be able to step away from the computer. I always thought people were crazy when they sent me those requests from Farmville, now I can see how it can happen.... I need to get a grip and just walk away LOL.

Okay, pages....

a lot of pink this week, it's the new kits, they all had those amazing colors in them. And then of course the play kind of dictated these colors.... I sent some of the photos  to the parents, some I didn't get the email yet. I figured they would enjoy them, some of them came out pretty nice!

Well. I think I decided to start with the weeds out front, so I better get moving! Have a marvelous day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take Two and beyond

Poor things, the second performance was so much better but so much worse attended. They really did a good job and I got to take some pictures back stage during the intermission.

Well, as much as I liked it, I am glad it's over, Rachel has her afternoons back!

I went back to Karate a couple of times this week, I really need to get back into the groove. We are doing testing stuff right now, which is my favorite thing, so I am happy. In between I go run, although with the weather we have had, I haven't gone in days! We really need to get that treadmill. We can't use the HS gym until after 5 PM, so that doesn't give me much time if I want to go to karate. It would be so much easier to do it in the mornings. Gabrielle has a tough time, she hardly gets to go at all with all the homework and studying she needs to do. There is no way she can hit the tournament this year. Too bad things aren't a bit easier for her, but school has to come first!

Today we finally have some sunshine after days of rain and cold temperatures. It's May for crying out loud! I need some warmth!

Today I bought a little bench for the studio. I have had my eye on it for a while, good thing I waited, she lowered the price quite a bit, so I grabbed it. It's painted blue and white which is cute and I can always change the color if I want. I just need to clean it before taking it down there.

Yesterday I went to my first camera club meeting. I joined last year, but never made it to the meetings, since they always fall on a Wednesday (major karate day) I decided to do karate on Thursday those weeks, so it's going to work out okay. They actually show some instructional video before the meeting, of course I didn't know that so I missed most of it, dang! It was good stuff too! Next time I will know better. 

I did a couple of pages done...

I should make a couple of pages of the performance too, there are so many pictures, I need to use them...

Next coming up is piano testing and then the recital in June. There is always something going on they have to work for... keeps them on their toes I guess.

Today I had a root canal done. It really wasn't bad at all. I have to go back in a few weeks to put the permanent filler in. That guy knew how to stick the needles in,  I hardly felt a thing. The numbness is finally gone and I have just a little pain. There was a lot of infection going on, so I had to go back on Amoxicillin for a week. Better be safe than sorry!

Well, not much else going on around here, I have to get busy starting dinner!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!