Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeling great

I just got back from this lady I know from Karate. She is really into Yoga but also went to India to learn these different healing techniques (physiological). she saw how much pain I was in the other day and asked me to come for a session. Man, did that hurt!!!! Mostly pressure treatment, not as relaxing as a massage, but I am feeling great right now. I can move, bend, even jump a little, although I am afraid to do too much. I'll see how it will go through the week, she thinks I need to do at least 4 more sessions like this one, then she can get me into some yoga moves. Not that I want to do Yoga again, she does Ashtenga (I think the spelling is correct), and it's really not my thing. But, it is really nice not to have pain in my back for a change.

Our gorgeous summer days are gone for now, we are back to chillier temperatures and overcast skies, some rain here and there. The kids have their Race for Education today, at least they get to move some, Rachel really needs it :) I guess I should have gone up to watch and take pics, but I can't even remember what times they are on (different times for different grades). There goes my next LO :) Speaking of which, here are a few pages I have finished

this one was funny, everybody thought I extracted the hand with the bone, but she was really picking some crumbs from her plate and the dog just about dies watching her eat. The bone is a digi element that I added. I lassoed her fingers, duplicated them and put them on top so it looks like she is holding it. Aren't I clever ;)


this one was really Rachel's idea, she thought it would make a great page. She was right, I loved it!


credits for all of the above here

I loved Michael's artwork here, it's still hanging over my bed and the trip to Starbucks was fun, that was that really warm day we had, the flip flop picture was taken there too!

My sister in Germany has an email account now, I am so happy. I will leave her a little message in german, so she won't feel too left out!


Liebe Brita, hoffentlich siehst Du das auch und ich mache das nicht alles umsonst. Ich weiss ja nicht, wieviel Du von dem allen hier lesen kannst. Viel ist ja nicht passiert, Gott sei Dank. Das kann nur positiv sein. Phil macht seine Behandlung fuer seinen Ruecken und es scheint etwas zu helfen. Klopf auf Holz! Meine Guete, ist das komisch, Deutsch zu schreiben.....Schick mir doch einfach mal ein email und lass mir eine Nachricht hier unter comments. Wenn du da reinklickst, einfach was schreiben und anonym anklicken. Ich weiss nicht, ob Du dann noch so nummern oder Buchstaben kriegst, die Du wiederholen musst. einfach mal versuchen! Ich hoffe, bei euch geht alles seinen guten gewohnten Gang. Lass was von Dir hoeren und schick mal ein paar Bilder!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend

Yesterday was the all day chat at Designer Digitals, boy oh boy! From 8 AM to 11 PM and I was there for every freebie. I only left for about 1 hour to go to the Mall. I think I got 4 or 5 pages done, nothing fantastic, but it was done. Katie did this scavenger hunt, which was really hard but so fun! Here are the pages I did

2009-DD-All-Smiles 2009-DD-capture-the-moment 2009-DD-just-dance 2009-DD-Science-Fair 2009-DD-St 2009-DD-together-Time

each one of these was for a specific challenge. It was such fun. None of them took a long time to make, maybe 1/2 hour.

this one I made for Vinnie, done with her new kit Little fire Man. It's so cute.

Hubby is feeling better, his appetite is back, I am so glad. he is starting to look so much better too. Now we just have to get his pain under control. He is still taking meds for the pain, tomorrow he has to start PT, I hope that will help. Otherwise things are so much better when I compare them to the last few weeks. Maybe now I can go back to Karate, I only went one time last week. they must wonder what happened to me.

I was really tired this morning from staring at that screen all day yesterday. Today I didn't make any pages at all, I needed a day of rest. Tomorrow I hope to have some free time in the morning, no place to go unless something comes up. I got to work in the yard today. Sarah gave me a bunch of hen and chicks, I mean bags full! Some lambs ear and coral bells too. I got everything planted! I hope they will all grow. It was really hot today, must have been in the eighties. Awesome. 2 days ago I was still wearing my winter coat and now it's like summer. Crazy seasons in this area. I saw that my brother must have looked in on my blog, how cool!!!! I'll have to call him and translate all the happenings, I don't know if he'll get all the details.

Oh well, I think I need to go and get some rest after putting the kids to bed, I am still tired. I have laundry to be dried yet too.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty good news

we had the appointment with the Neurosurgeon yesterday and it went really well. He examined him and looked at the MRI with us. The damage is there but he couldn't see anything acute that would correlate to the symptoms he is having. His conclusion was some deep muscle fascia spasms, no surgery, just PT and medication. Although the pain is intense, I was so relieved! the last thing we needed was for him to have to go through surgery for his back. the guy asked him if he ever rode horses or a motorcycle. He did ride a horse as a kid, but just for a couple of years. Who knows how he completely messed his back up like that. that bumper cart accident maybe! Anyway, all the news has been okay, not great but not horrible either. He was just saying that maybe now we'll discover he has a benign tumor in his brain LOL. Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!! Nothing more. I just want to go back to normal. Although he is really eating up all the extra attention, what a guy! I tell you, I don't mind giving it, the thought of losing him for those 2 weeks really drove that home. It's still good when you can send them off to work though, some peace and quiet! Yesterday he felt better than this morning, he has this heavy duty medicine, which I am not happy he has to take, but I can see his pain and he is not really a whiner. He even went to work, poor guy!

Well, here is a simple page I made yesterday for the Itunes inspiration at DD


that must have been one of the fastest LOs ever!

Here is the page for the Friday challenge at Vinnie's. That was my first time getting the challenge together, it was fun picking a LO to copy.


By the way, vinnie is really expanding her site and will be looking for more CTs. she is going to have a contest all month, so why don't you stop over and try out? There is such beautiful stuff to work with and we are all pretty nice too ;)

I hope I'll get some scrapping done today, in fact Vinnie just put a new mini kit out with a firefighter theme, too cute.

DD is having a sale all weekend, everything is 30% off starting yesterday and tomorrow is all day chat day and there is a new freebie every hour. Those are usually really nice too and the chats are such fun! Hope to "see" you all there!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Just a short one, no page today either. I did one, but it's for Friday, so it will have to wait. I spent the morning with hubby in the ER. His back was hurting so badly, he could hardly walk. He spent all night tossing and turning and moaning, not much sleep here. Fortunately they treat him well and he got in for an MRI immediately. Turns out that he has quite a bit of Spinal stenosis and some bulging which must have become inflamed and caused all the pain.  They wound up giving him Prednisone and some stronger pain medicine and tomorrow he has an appointment with the Neurosurgeon. Hopefully we'll just have to get the inflammation down to get back to where he was. I really don't want him to have to go through surgery. Tonight he is feeling a little better painwise, but a little sleepy too. He is thinking about working tomorrow, we'll see. Maybe the Prednisone started to kick in already. The poor guy, he can't catch a break, it's one thing after another. Fortunately, nothing is life threatening, and it all can be fixed to some degree.

Needless to say we are both exhausted from the lack of sleep and the stress, hopefully he'll be able to sleep better tonight....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's been a rough few weeks

Sorry I haven't kept everybody up-to-date. It's been a couple of weeks from hell, to say the least.

DH has been sick for a couple of months I would say and we just assumed he had a bad case of the flu, although his symptoms didn't sound like a cold. Night sweats, no appetite, fatigue to the point of not getting off the couch. It started to sound more and more scary until I insisted that he get some bloodwork done. Well, it came back that he was anemic. Physician treating himself knew what all his symptoms could be pointing to, so he completely freaked both of us out. We had him dead and buried! First we thought of colon cancer and had him do a colonoscopy and EGD which were fine. So no cancer spread all through his body. The GI guy suggested a CT scan of the abdomen, which was scheduled a few days later (after we moved it up, it was supposed to be even later). Those few days we did nothing but cry and worry, it was horrible. I felt so bad for him, while he was worried about us! anyway the scan came back okay also. Next we had a CT of the chest and more bloodwork, plus a consultation with a hematologist he knows. he wasn't worried about his bloodwork being off and seems to think that all this is caused by a lingering viral infection. What a relief that was! I have never heard of such a thing, especially not lingering for a couple of months, but he must know what he is talking about. The chest CT did show calcifications in all three of his heart vessels though, so he just had a stress test this morning and an echo. Now we have to wait to find out if there is any blockage yet or not and what the next step will be. I know loads of people go through stuff like this every day, but man, this was awful and still is. To top it all off, he got up this morning and could hardly walk. Something from his back is radiating into his leg, which is partially numb. Isn't it great? Do a stresstest with a leg that doesn't work. I just hope everything will be okay.....

Anyway, that is my excuse for not posting in such a long time, I just didn't have the nerves. All I did was scrap, that is good therapy, it really takes my mind off things. I hope I won't be posting double pages, it's been so long, I forget what I showed you already :)

2009-DD-3kits3Ways 2009-DD-Boundless-Energy 2009-DD-Bunny-Ears 2009-DD-Good-Times 2009-DD-happiness 2009-DD-Happy 2009-DD-HappyEggs 2009-DD-In-the-swing-of-things 2009-DD-Love 2009-DD-Moody 2009-DD-Nostalgia 2009-DD-Paradise 2009-DD-Say-Spring 2009-DD-The-color-of-fear 2009-DD-Today 2009-DD-You

these were all for Designer digitals and you can see the credits in my gallery there.

2009-Vinnie_Venice 2009-Vinnie-Because-I-love-you 2009-Vinnie-Deeply-loved 2009-Vinnie-Perfect 2009-Vinnie-rosegarden 2009-Vinnie-The-Line-Up 2009-Vinnie-Today 2009-Vinnie-You2

these are all from Vinnie's site, I have a lot of fun playing with these pages, I feel so much more artistic using her stuff :)

2009-Roben-Marie-Waiting-for-spring 2009-Roben-Marie-Welcome-to-my-world

these pages are for PaperbagStudios, the second page isn't really supposed to be posted yet, I think the kit is coming out tomorrow, so check the store then. it's really cute and has a ton of elements. It's called Cottage Trace Kit.

And one more page, which I made for DSM online. One of the designer from DD asked me to do this, that was a couple of months ago and I had fun with it.


Here is a link to the site, so graciously provided by one of my online friends. I didn't even know it was out LOL. The other ladies are such masters, it was such a privilege for me to be published with them.

Well, guys, keep praying for me and hubby please, I will really try to keep this darn blog more up to date, especially because I feel bad dumping all these pages on you to look at all at once. I just hope you enjoyed them anyway. I better go and practice the piano for a little while, my lesson is at one and I haven't touched the keys all week. she'll be really happy with me! I just really didn't feel like it with all this stuff going on. I guess she'll understand, right Sarah? she is such a sweetie!!!!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!