Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend

Yesterday was the all day chat at Designer Digitals, boy oh boy! From 8 AM to 11 PM and I was there for every freebie. I only left for about 1 hour to go to the Mall. I think I got 4 or 5 pages done, nothing fantastic, but it was done. Katie did this scavenger hunt, which was really hard but so fun! Here are the pages I did

2009-DD-All-Smiles 2009-DD-capture-the-moment 2009-DD-just-dance 2009-DD-Science-Fair 2009-DD-St 2009-DD-together-Time

each one of these was for a specific challenge. It was such fun. None of them took a long time to make, maybe 1/2 hour.

this one I made for Vinnie, done with her new kit Little fire Man. It's so cute.

Hubby is feeling better, his appetite is back, I am so glad. he is starting to look so much better too. Now we just have to get his pain under control. He is still taking meds for the pain, tomorrow he has to start PT, I hope that will help. Otherwise things are so much better when I compare them to the last few weeks. Maybe now I can go back to Karate, I only went one time last week. they must wonder what happened to me.

I was really tired this morning from staring at that screen all day yesterday. Today I didn't make any pages at all, I needed a day of rest. Tomorrow I hope to have some free time in the morning, no place to go unless something comes up. I got to work in the yard today. Sarah gave me a bunch of hen and chicks, I mean bags full! Some lambs ear and coral bells too. I got everything planted! I hope they will all grow. It was really hot today, must have been in the eighties. Awesome. 2 days ago I was still wearing my winter coat and now it's like summer. Crazy seasons in this area. I saw that my brother must have looked in on my blog, how cool!!!! I'll have to call him and translate all the happenings, I don't know if he'll get all the details.

Oh well, I think I need to go and get some rest after putting the kids to bed, I am still tired. I have laundry to be dried yet too.


Terry said...

4 or 5 LO's yesterday---you were like a machine! I think I completed 1 and a 2 pager. Glad hubby is feeling better. PT didn't help me much. I started taking Aleve every day and it helped a bunch.

Jeanne said...

Wow...4 or 5 layouts is remarkable! Do you think you could have ever gotten that much done if you were a paper scrapper? I don't think so. LOL

I'm glad to hear your hubby is improving. I will keep thinking good thoughts that the pain subsides, soon.

And the weather? Um...when I woke up this morning, it was to snow falling.'s snowing here and May begins in just a few days. That's why I cannot plant anything yet...

Celia said...

Those pages look great, despite your speed!
I have not done any in ages and I couldn't get organized at the weekend- the warm weather and other distractions and when I did try to start something it all seemed too hard.
This week is just so busy I won't get to the pages for yonks. Perhaps you could do mine for me?!
Hope your husband continues to improve.

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