Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty good news

we had the appointment with the Neurosurgeon yesterday and it went really well. He examined him and looked at the MRI with us. The damage is there but he couldn't see anything acute that would correlate to the symptoms he is having. His conclusion was some deep muscle fascia spasms, no surgery, just PT and medication. Although the pain is intense, I was so relieved! the last thing we needed was for him to have to go through surgery for his back. the guy asked him if he ever rode horses or a motorcycle. He did ride a horse as a kid, but just for a couple of years. Who knows how he completely messed his back up like that. that bumper cart accident maybe! Anyway, all the news has been okay, not great but not horrible either. He was just saying that maybe now we'll discover he has a benign tumor in his brain LOL. Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!! Nothing more. I just want to go back to normal. Although he is really eating up all the extra attention, what a guy! I tell you, I don't mind giving it, the thought of losing him for those 2 weeks really drove that home. It's still good when you can send them off to work though, some peace and quiet! Yesterday he felt better than this morning, he has this heavy duty medicine, which I am not happy he has to take, but I can see his pain and he is not really a whiner. He even went to work, poor guy!

Well, here is a simple page I made yesterday for the Itunes inspiration at DD


that must have been one of the fastest LOs ever!

Here is the page for the Friday challenge at Vinnie's. That was my first time getting the challenge together, it was fun picking a LO to copy.


By the way, vinnie is really expanding her site and will be looking for more CTs. she is going to have a contest all month, so why don't you stop over and try out? There is such beautiful stuff to work with and we are all pretty nice too ;)

I hope I'll get some scrapping done today, in fact Vinnie just put a new mini kit out with a firefighter theme, too cute.

DD is having a sale all weekend, everything is 30% off starting yesterday and tomorrow is all day chat day and there is a new freebie every hour. Those are usually really nice too and the chats are such fun! Hope to "see" you all there!


Jeanne said...

Oh Anke, I'm so relieved for you. At least you have a direction in which to go to find relief from the pain. Thank goodness he doesn't need surgery.

What a scary time for you all and I'm so glad things are looking more positive right now.

Great layouts, my friend!

Terry said...

so glad everything has turned out ok. You can learn to live with the back---it's better than the alternative!

Celia said...

Anke, so good to hear that things are beginning to pick up for you.
Take care of you too- I guess that doing the LO's is one of those ways- they are great.

Anonymous said...

I like this page ... very intristing disposition ... good work !


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