Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation Day

Today Rachel is graduation from 8th Grade! Where has the time gone??? My baby going to  High School, it seems hardly possible. After this, I will only have Michael left at the school. I'm sure he won't mind :) Here is a preview of Rachel's attire, at least part of it LOL.

A lot of practicing has been going on. It was very needed with that kind of heel! Now of course she it towering over everybody, including her dad :) This afternoon we have an appointment to get her hair done. She has been checking out websites for dos for days now! I'm sure our stylist is going to come up with something suitable and not overly done. She acts as though she is going to a wedding LOL.

Our weather has finally improved some. It's warm like summer and today it's gorgeous, sunny, beautiful! Usually that is followed by tons of rain, like last night. Keeping my fingers crossed. I was going to go for a run, but it is really humid out there, not very enticing. I am trying to get Rachel to go for a fast walk at least. She only now got up, it's close to lunchtime. Must be nice to be done with school while your siblings still have to get up early and sit in class all day.

Phil and I went and bought some hanging baskets the other time after cleaning the back patio and the tables and chairs. Now it looks like summer out there once again. Our man called to tell us he would come by yesterday to begin opening the pool. Of course as usual he was not seen or heard from... so typical, that's why I don't use him for anything anymore.

Saturday we had certification at karate. We didn't really know a whole lot since we were just promoted and haven't been training much, but since we couldn't fail, we thought we go anyway. I am glad it's over. He told all us 3rd degree Black Belts to check our scores because we did so poorly. It was pretty bad, but considering that he was the one scoring, I am not surprised and I won't even worry about it. He doesn't like it when we don't come to class often but hey, we have a life too....

I am not making this too long, I will try to keep this blog updated a little better in the future. Maybe playing that stupid FB game would help....

I'm falling behind on my 365 pages again, they are such a chore :) Here are the latest ones I did...

as always you can find all the credits in my Designer Digitals gallery

Well, Rachel agreed to a walk, so I better hurry and put my shoes on before she changes her mind again LOL. Talk to you all soon


Joanie said...

I love her shoes! Kids just have a way of growing up! Bah! Just what they are supposed to do!

Great pages... you are always so busy!

Barb said...

Great shoes!! Wow! Those kids sure are growing up fast!!! When does Michael take that leap into high school. Not for a while yet, I hope1!

Always great to see you keeping busy!! LOL Do you EVER have a break??

Love the LO. I tell ya, they just keep getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

waiting for grad pics!!!!!! kids coming and going all wkend two picnics and my mom needs help in her basement so tired had a delision yesterday we could get away for a day or two to rest then remembered all the stuff kids picnics etc need a good nights sleep call us jo

Jana Holden said...

My daughter would kill for those shoes! Don't blink because 8th grade grad today/high school tomorrow!
Love drooling over all your digi pages!

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