Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation and heat wave

Everything is a blur lately! The graduation was very nice, Rachel looked so beautiful with her hair and her outfit and she was so proud of herself.... she so wanted her hair to be fixed up nicely and as it turns out she wound up with the same do that Gabrielle had last year LOL.

She was so happy with it and I think it looked really nice on her. I did a spread using the pictures from the graduation, so you can see the pictures there

the two smaller ones on the last page are Iphone pics she too herself, I just fixed them up a little.

Here she is in her pretty dress...

some other pages..

I am up to date with my 365 pages again (except for last week of course)

I can't believe that's all I got done, but hey.....

It seems to be the middle of August around here. We went from deep freeze to torrential rains to the dog days of summer. It has been in the upper 80s and around here that is usually accompanied by high humidity levels. We had to put an air conditioner in Gabrielle's room, she couldn't stand it. And that room doesn't even get afternoon sun, Rachel and we should be complaining. Our rooms feel like ovens in the evening. The fan does a pretty good job though, good enough for me. Our pool is finally open, although it looks a mess. The pump is not connected yet, I am hoping they will be back later to finish what they started! Typical Ralph work, he called me 10 days ago to tell me he would be down to get the cover pumped off and guess who didn't show up? Yeah! That's why is not doing anything in this house ever again. It's a shame he has to finish the deck, since he started it and the wood is still lying in the garage....

I can't wait for the other two to get out of school, I was able to sleep until 8 AM over the weekend, that has never happened before. I jumped out of bed almost in a panic LOL. It will be nice not to have to rush around anymore, at least for a while. Gabby still has to go through finals before her agony is over :) Poor thing is doing nothing but study right now. Something Rachel has to look forward to for next year.

This weekend the kids have their piano recital, that should be interesting. Michael was doing so poorly, she had to switch him to a song he already knew... he just doesn't practice enough and I don't keep after him enough I guess. He is scheduled to get braces next week, he is getting his spacers today. Too bad, his baby teeth were so perfect, I was really hoping that he would not need them, but these are coming in crooked just like the girls'. Oh well, good thing Phil has a decent job, is all I can say!

Well, time to get the birds downstairs, they are making so much noise upstairs (I keep them up there until Phil is gone, he can't stand the noise :)) I think they want to join us now!

Have a wonderful day and if your weather is anything like ours, keep cool!


latz said...

Your Rachel looked so beautiful for her graduation. Another milestone!

Barb said...

Aw! Rachel looked so beautiful!! They are getting older so fast!!

I was surprised when you said you got an air conditioner for Gabriell's room. Then I remembered that houses up north don't have air like they do in Florida!! (Virtually everywhere you go has air here. BUT some do not have heat...and it has been getting cold down here in the winter laterly!!! I guess I have been a southerner long enough to have forgotten that!! She better watch out or she will be having everyone sleeping with her at night!!

Hopefully your days will smooth out after a few more busy weeks. That will be nice.

Love your LOs. You have the knack, girl!!

jeanne said...

congratulations, Rachel!!!!!

Never say Never!

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