Friday, June 10, 2011

Hershey trip

The 8th grade class trip was on Wednesday, it must have been the hottest day ever!!! It was beautiful, but we all felt as though we were going to melt into the ground! The kids had a really good time though, they went on tons of rides and just enjoyed each other. the mothers had to figure out where in the world we were and where we were going. Good thing they were around, I would have been lost half the time :) I got to go on a few rides myself, including the side winder which goes backwards at the end. That my stomach was not happy about.... All in all it was a good day, we got home pretty late at night, but it was worth it.

Our pool is finally open and it's crystal clear already. The guys have been here fixing the boards. They were  supposed to come today and power wash, but we are talking Ralph here, so I didn't actually expect them to come. I am so done getting mad about it, he is just not getting jobs around here anymore.

The weather has been really nice, so we have been hanging out at the pool. The water is freezing of course, since the heater is not running at the time, but the kids were actually in. They are die hards! Look at the water ballerina :) Rachel had a friend over that day, they had fun.

Last Sunday was the kids' piano recital, it went actually very well, I was pleasantly surprised. Rachel, who was the one who was best prepared of all of them, was the one who messed up a little, but found her place again real quick and finished very well. It was a hard piece and she played it from memory. I was so proud of all of them! I was supposed to take pictures during the recital, but I was really glad I told her I wouldn't do it. It would have been so distracting for the kids, even just the clicking for my own kids was so loud and I would have had to move around to get different angles, it just wouldn't have worked. Maybe we can schedule a day and have them come for a shoot or something like that....

Last saturday was the surprise party for SabomNim Sr. He was promoted to 9th Don, which is a pretty big deal. His son organized a picnic for him as a surprise. It was really nice, he didn't suspect a thing, brought a case of beer, because he expected to be bored at his wife's HS reunion. They are nice people. He got some other stuff, not just that T-Shirt LOL.

Michael finally got a hair cut, I think he looks so adorable when he doesn't have that big bush on his head!

Phil is at a wrestling game tonight, I can't even believe it. Wrestling! Phil! LOL! A colleague inviting him to go, he is the physician for the game. He just called to find out Michael's size, he is getting him a T-shirt. When I asked him about the match, he just said that it's something else. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm not sure if it's a real wrestling match or one of those fake ones. Well, that was pretty much the whole week, not very eventful, but busy everyday nonetheless. I am trying to find a hotel in Myrtle Beach for us to head down for a week. Not easy at this point :)

Okay, now for the few pages I managed to finish

Well. that is pretty much it for the week, you can find the credits for all the pages in my gallery listed on the right hand side. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Barb said...

Oh the recital pics are so cute. Glad they all did great!

Amusement parks do me in. Turn one corner and I am LOST! LOL Jim never lets me stray alone. He knows he would have to go to lost and found to find me.

Sound busy at your house as usual. With school out maybe it will slow...or are the kids taking summer school? When I was in school, only the stupid kids had to go to summer school. Then in about my senior year everyone was going to get extra classes, which it the norm nowadays!

Have a great week and hope you find a hotel!! You need a breatk!

Heather said...

How cool that you call your Tang Soo Do master "Sabomnim" - I totally understand that word!!! Woot! ;)

Your kids have really grown. Makes me want to slow down time... mine are next too, aren't they? Sigh.

Shruti Goradia said...

Anke, I love the pink layout titled 'Beauty'. The butterflies add such a nice touch.

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