Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Saturday

this seems to be a theme, of course, Saturday is a good day for me to sit down and write a little, I have more time. I don't know how Terry does, she blogs almost every day and she works out of the house. Kudos to you girl. Of course, I don't really have that much to say either, life is the same day in and day out.

Today I took G and M to the Mall just to pick something up that they were holding for me at Boscov's. Of course we had to see what they had on sale at Aeropostale and came back with $ 105 less in my wallet. Good grief! Talk about stimulating the economy, I am doing it all by myself.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, talking about spending money just reminded me that I just bought CS4, I am so happy. Of course now my DVD player in my laptop isn't working! I don't know what's wrong, something about the driver not being recognized or unable to load or some other weird message. Now I'll have to call my guru on Monday and see if he can't figure it out. I wouldn't even know who to contact, HP or who? There is just always something that breaks. The icemaker isn't running either. Good grief! So what do I do? I sit and scrap! Good thing I have peeps for everything :)

Today was such a glorious day, sunny and warm, it actually went up to 65. Considering that we were in deep freeze just a couple of days ago, that is really remarkable. We went to the pancake breakfast at Church today, their pancakes are always so good, really fluffy! Of course that is not exactly what I need but who cares. My online friend Tammy is always posting these really yummy recipes and last week I asked her for one for lent, since we can't eat meat. She was sweet enough to dig one up for me and will do so every Thursday during Lent. Isn't she the sweetest? Check her blog, she has really good stuff there with great pictures. I told her she should write a book.

Today I finally started my project 365 up again. I did 2 pages and I am done with January. Only 5 more weeks to go to catch up :) Here they are

Project365 week 4 Project365 week5

I really like this format with the rounded corners. Looking at those pictures I wish I could go back!

Here are some other pages I did this week

Beautiful-YOu hammock-fun You-are-adorable Mexican-Beauty

These are all pages made for Designer Digitals. Find the credits here

The following are for PixelCanvas (Vinnie Pearce) I do like working with her supplies, she is so very talented!


There are 2 more pages I did for PaperbagStudios, but that new kit isn't coming out for a couple of days yet, so I am supposed to wait til then. Maybe I will actually have to post again before the next weekend, imagine that! Okay, now that you are all up-to-date, I can sign off and scrap some more, rofl!


Carol said...

Anke you are doing a great job keeping up with posts and doing all those pages. I have been working a lot on my photography lately and as a result my scrapping has been minimal :-(
You will have to let me know what you think of CS4. I only said to DH the other night I think I need to upgrade (from CS3) but he couldn't see the need lol.

Tammy said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Anke. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe and hopefully, your DD will like the pasta one more!
More to come!! Keep checking in.

Veevs said...

You are superwoman Anke - you produce so many gorgeous LOs! Great job on getting CS4!!

Linda said...

I don't understand how you do it. Where do you find the time, and inspiration, to do so many gorgeous LOs? I am in awe. You are such an inspiration Anke. Such and inspiration.

Terry said...

Anke--I just don't see how you come up with so many great LO's--so many techniques I don't know. I find that if I blog a little every day--it takes less time.I'm one of these anal people trying to stick to a schedule. Love reading about your week---I hear ya on stimulating the economy by yourself.

Jeanne said...

Anke, I am always impressed with how many layouts you are able to create. I'd like to know if you come up with the designs yourself or are you motivated by another layout you have seen? You add lots of great details, that is for sure!

Here I thought I was the one who was stimulating the economy single-handedly! Maybe with both of us it'll turn around quicker.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my recent card post. I am having fun, but feeling a tad guilty that I'm not scrapping....just a tad...I thank you for sharing all these terrific layouts!

latz said...

OH have fun with your new toy (CS4). I can only imagine what great things will be coming forth from you now!

denise:) said...

Hi Anke- for your dvd issue- who makes it? You can usually download a driver to fix it when it does that... save yourself some money (unless you want to stimulate more of the economy!!).

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