Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's the weekend!

And thank goodness for that! We have been lounging, doing nothing, not even going to Karate this morning. I am pretty ticked off at my Sabomnim, so I thought it would be better if I don't go today, 'cause I might just say something I would regret later. They act and think as though we were still in feudal Japan and you are supposed to take all kinds of verbal abuse. Well, I have news for them, I pay for the darn classes, I help out and I did not join the Military with them in charge. See, that's why I didn't go today :)

I have been busy scrapping (what else?) DH is beginning to complain that I spend too much time on the computer. Actually it is because of him that I started playing with the compy. He used to play his wargames all the time, so I had to find something to do with myself. Now that he doesn't spend hours and hours playing anymore he wonders why I don't want to hang with him and watch TV. Too late Dude. Well, I try actually, at least at night, because I do feel guilty. I do spend a  L.O.T. of time on the computer. There is so much to do though. Aside from making pages, I follow blogs, I have 2 galleries I follow, so that takes a lot of time leaving comments. then there are the forums and emails and so on. This is almost like a full-time job! Now with Facebook on top of it all....I don't know. Not that I spend a lot of time on there, it can really get away from you....

I started reading "The Host". It's written by Stephenie Meyer, the same person who wrote Twilight. I really like it, it's written in the "I" form, I think that is part of the appeal. I just really like her writing style, even if it is fiction.

Okay, here are some pages

Birthday-Cake  delightful Enjoy Hold-On-tightMaturity  Manual-Pre-wash Monkey-business Running-Circles-around-us Sanctuary All of these pages are at Designer Digitals, you can click on my gallery link on the right to see the credits. I think I did four of those pages last Saturday during the Chat, so that was speed scrapping at it's best. The "Hang on" page is a Scraplift of Kristy's page, shamelessly reproduced by orders of the higher-ups during the chat. "Manual Pre-Wash" was a 30 minute challenge, with some given restrictions and supplies. That was really fun, I am usually pretty slow, but I made it, it just fell together for once.

The next two I did for Vinnie at PixelCanvas. She has some really cute new things in her shop, those little soft stickers with matching papers, I love them. And that new kit called Time Out. That one is only available at Catscrap, it's a collab kit and they have it on sale for the weekend. It's really pretty, I love those frames that come with it. You can find those credits at my gallery at PixelCanvas, also on the right hand side. She just updated her forum, it's so nice now.Cherish-TodayKing-of-the-HillWell, I guess today is just going to be a lazy day, we might head out to the Mall once everybody is up and about. It is really nice for a change to not have to go anywhere, no running, no stress. (maybe I'll get some more scrapping done :)) By the way, I got some warnings in regard to virus attacks coming from 4share and Facebook, so please be careful out there. Run your scans and keep your programs up-to-date.

I hope you will all have a great weekend!


Terry said...

Whew!! I'd say you are in a mood today! Watch out for Anke!! You get em girl!! I hope you get to relax and play all day. A full time job scrapping, following blogs, running kids.......try my world for a bit!! I just can't get enough scrapping time in much less follow two galleries and keep up with a ton of blogs. How I envy you. Your LO's are great as usual. I just love looking at your work---maybe it will rub off on me one day.

Joanie said...

Anke, I love the one of your little doggie in the dishwasher... very, VERY cute.

About your computer time... do you have a laptop? I just bring mine with me the the family room and keep hubby company while I do my thing.

Carol said...

I am thinking you must spend a lot of time on the computer because I cannot believe how many layouts you have done again lol.

I do wish I could produce as many gorgeous pages as you do.

jeanne said...

Love, love, love the Prewash. And You've got to be great. Awesome stuff going on in you lady!!!! So glad I get to watch.

Linda said...

Beautiful as always. I am in awe of your creativity. I very easily get scrapped out so I think you are awesome for doing so many wonderful and pretty creations.

I use a laptop for my creative work. Means nobody has to sit alone, lol. But I can't keep up with anything anyway. I'm always hopelessly behind, lol.

*Paula* said...

LOL Anke - you are so right about it being like a full time job! Fabulous layouts - all of them!

latz said...

Let me know how you like the book and if you think it's appropriated for a tween. Love all your work! You've got a lot to show for all the time on the computer! I tend to get distracted by gallery viewing rather than creating.

Dawn said...

I do love your have such a unique style that i can idenitfy you in any gallery before i see your name...and to think i knew you as a!! Keep this up ... you inspire me!

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