Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still playing catch-up

I finally went through all the lovely blogs I follow, there were some 300 posts, but of course I couldn't read all of them. It's just nice to be getting back into everything. I have been working on pages for the Designer Digitals Guest CT contest, but there is no way I'll make it. I mean I can get the pages done, but there are so many nice ones out there.....oh well.

Here are some things I have been working on

Bondage Love-Bugs Bottoms-Up Total-Indulgence These are for the contest so far, I have to do 2 more, one with the focus on journaling. I have to think about that one.

Vinnie came out with her Drama Queen Fantasy Kit and here are 2 pages I did with that

pretty Masked-Beauty She is coming out with a kit for boys which is going to be just as cute! She really is talented and I am so fortunate to be on her team!

I haven't been able to work on my 365 pages since we came back, I really have to get those done, or I will be hopelessly behind! I have been in a funky mood lately, it's hard to get motivated to even take pictures anymore. I better snap out of it soon. We had a couple of really nice days here, it was almost like spring, all the snow that fell while we were gone has melted. Now it is cold again and we had some flurries. Get this winter over already, I am sick of it! We had 2 tons of pellets delivered today, that is 100 bags of 40 lbs each. We helped stack them on the porch, now we need to get them through a little window into the basement, my back will be so happy :) Even with all that our gas bill was still over 800$, can you believe that? Nothing like big old homes :) I did turn the thermostat down a little more now, so that the heat hardly comes on anymore. We'll see if that is going to make a difference.

I can't believe we have been home a whole week already, these days just flew by! I took the kids to see Twilight today, it was a good movie, but I like the books better. I envisioned Edward a little different, but it was still good.

Debbie has some cool classes going on, next month Pattie Knox is teaching a digi class, I am so going to take that! This month she has a class on art journaling, that is actually #2 and looks really good too. A girl at DD does the whole thing digitally and it really looks very cool! I am tempted.......


Linda said...

Great layouts as always, Anke. I especially was mesemerized by the very last one. Just so beautiful.

"See Me"... said...

Anke,So glad you are back and doing such beautiful work.
Hope the vacation was a great one- loads of photos to use!
Good to see you back at Debbie's place.

Terry said...

Glad you are back girl. The LO's are just beautiful and I think you are right up there with the rest of them at DD.

Ann said...

You have a great chance for making it. I would choose you, I love your work gf. ~Ann

latz said...

Must be the post-vaction blahs you have dear Anke. It was fun to "see" at at last nights DD chat. Fun to learn a few helpful tips. I'm glad I decided to stick with the Project 52 instead of the 365--so far there hasn't been any pressure! Too bad I can't say that for the scrapbook pages-HAHA

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