Monday, February 9, 2009

Signing back on

We are back! Actually we got back Saturday, flew in on Friday but stayed overnight and drove back the next day. Good thing too, cause our plane was delayed and we didn't get in til almost 11PM. This way we could drive home refreshed. All the mail that was waiting and the laundry..... Well, I am all caught up with that, paid all the bills and I am good.

Vacation was great, too short and a little too cold for my taste, but still great. Some days it was so chilly, we were sitting there with sweaters on wrapped in towels, brrrr. Other days it was really hot. Last Sunday Rachel and I got sick, we stayed in bed all night and it took me 3 days to get back to normal. I have no idea what did it. I gained almost 6 pounds in 2 weeks LOL. Now I have to go back to eating less, of course that is not hard here. With the all-inclusive it is so hard to resist all that good food. The fish was outstanding, I could have eaten that every day, the desserts were wonderful and plentiful. Man if I lived there, I would look like a tub for sure.

I did 2 pages while there

Seagulls Enjoying-breakfast and this one I did just before we left

Meltdown Credits here

Vinnie asked for a new AAM page, so I just did that this morning, I just changed it a little from the one I had before. I don't like the picture, but I don't have anything decent, so this will have to do for now. There is a lot of new stuff in the store, I haven't done anything with it yet, I have to catch my breath first. There is a new kit coming out on the 13th, which is totally awesome too, you'll love it.


DesignerDigitals is running a contest called "capture the love" where you can win an Ipod, I did this page for it this morning:

Welcome-Home-Travis It was kind of sad to make it, but I have been wanting to do that for a long time. It's about our best friends' teenage son who died of cancer a few years back. This is very special to me!

The Guest CT contest is going on too, they changed it a little. I have to start on that too, they want 6 pages completed by the end of the month, 3 out of which are assignments. That shouldn't be a problem, I do at least that many anyway.

We are all moping around, wanting to go back on vacation. I keep checking the temperature on my iphone, just to rub in the misery a little more. Now that we are gone, it's back up to 81 and sunnier. At least the weather here is not too bad, it's actually in the forties, we missed the big snowstorm last week, thank goodness. I wouldn't mind if it stayed like this until spring comes.

All right, this was just a short update, back to making dinner (what a pain to have to do that again)

Oh I forgot to mention that I read the whole Twilight series while there, what a great story! I really thought I would hate it. I told my girls I would read it first to make sure it would be appropriate and then I got addicted. I couldn't put the books down, I read all 4 of them in about 10 days. Love it! Now I know it is about Vampires which I thought would be really stupid too, I am usually not into teenage stuff, but it is really good! Oh well, just thought I'd mention it


jeanne said...

Glad to have you back. Great layouts!!!! If it makes you feel any better, it was below freezing here while you were gone.

latz said...

Welcome back--can't wait to see more vacation creations! Good luck at DD this month--I'll go check on yours in the next few days!

Terry said...

glad you are back!! Glad to see your LO's--beautiful as usual.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday (apart from the being sick part). We could have done with a little of your cold over here.
I started reading Twilight before Christmas, read the first 2 and then nearly finished 3 on the planes to Canada. Finished 4 before heading home. I was soooo addicted. I have now also seen the movie a couple of times. I was a bit cautious because it was about vampires but once into it loved it, being more a love story to me. I don't think it should be advertised to teens but to us mums lol.
Good to have you back

Jeanne said...

Welcome back! I've missed being awed by your layouts. Glad to hear you had a good vacation (overall-minus the sick part).

Your layouts are wonderful!

Haven't read the Twilight series and don't plan too, even though I keep hearing they are good. Cannot get around the fact that there are vampires. Glad you enjoyed them, though!

Linda said...

Welcome back, I was beginning to wonder about you!

Great pages, I especially love the second one.

Haven't decided whether I am doing the CT thing at DD yet. I figure I've got some time to go yet.

Flohbock said...

Nice to her now again alive and well're back!

Never say Never!

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