Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a couple of quickies

Before we will leave tomorrow

Vinnie is coming out with a new PP and it is gorgeous. It will be in the store on the 23rd. By store I mean her new store!!!! It looks really cool, a little lighter than before and the gallery is so awesome. She is going to have a great sale and of course a challenge, so don't miss out just because I am gone LOL.


Here is the address

Here is some stuff I have been working on

You-at-11 Look-Mom Dear-Santa Christmas-Morning Do-you-believe-in-magic Credits for all of these can be found at my gallery.

And here is the one I did for Vinnie's new Paperpack and the brushes that are coming out on Friday.

You-are-beautiful-to-me the papers actually look like this, I hardly did anything to the page :)

Okay, I have to go and find some clothes to take along, I am running out of time. I hope I'll be able to check in occasionally, so I will be talking to you soon!


Terry said...

have fun Anke!!! We'll miss you.

Kylee said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Vinnie Pearce's sale. I love her stuff!

Have fun while you're away. I'm sure you'll miss us all! LOL

"See Me"... said...

Have a great vacation- love your pages.

jeanne said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Guess I know where I will be shopping tomorrow.

Be safe.

Carol said...

Your pages look great using Vinnie's wonderful kit.
Have a great time in Cancun.

tempus fugit said...

An award Is waiting for you! Cath it on my blog :))
Love and hugs,

Heather said...

Hiya Anke,

Good to see you at Scarletheels too. ;) And you are so lucky to be on Vinnie's team. Sigh. That is a dream.

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