Thursday, January 1, 2009

Frohes Neues Jahr!

   or Happy New Year! I guess my resolution for the New Year should be to post more often :) I can't even say that I have a good excuse, life just got in the way. With Christmas and all the preparations, more parties and school functions and the pages I committed to making, it was just too much. I am going to keep it short today, just post all the pages I didn't get in here yet. I am almost done with my December book, I just have to do yesterday's and the front page and cover. Yeah!!! At the end I couldn't stand doing the same templates again and again. Now I committed to doing a photo a day for the year! Project 365 seems to be really popular. At least I don't have to do a page every day, there are templates for the week. That shouldn't be too bad. Anyhow, here are some pages


December-Dailies-Fifteen December-Dailies-Sixteen




 December-Dailies-Twentytree December-Dailies-Twentyfour

December-Dailies-Twentyfive December-Dailies-Twentysix

 December-Dailies-twentyseven December-Dailies-Twentyeight

December-Dailies-Twentynine December-Dailies-Thirty That is going to be the book. some of it is really not very personal, but some days are just really boring in this house, nothing special happens. I spend a lot of time on my laptop making pages, but how many pictures of that can one take :) I better become more creative here.

Here are some of the other pages I did. Gabrielle had the role of a drama teacher in the Christmas school play. She was great!Drama-teacherMemories-of-Deuce this one is for our piano teacher. Her dogs are her babies and I promised her pages for an album we gave her last year. So far she has only 3 pages, poor thing.

Ornaments Silent-Night priceless These-memories Oh my gosh, this was so fun. these pics are from our annual choir party. Our director did this rap routine with her hubby, she had us in stitches! It was really good and the delivery was awesome!

The-two-sides-of-you Here I tried my hands at a little art journaling! I kind of like the results, although it really isn't my regular style. Very relaxing though. You can't really do anything wrong with it.

Season's-Greetings tub-Time Waiting-for-Christmas Waiting-to-be-opened You-rock-my-world This last one I just finished last night. I took the picture last night and I really liked it, even if it isn't the sharpest. I rarely get a good picture of hubby and this one is just so cute! Wow, this was a lot of pictures to post! Now I have to think about what pictures to take every day.

Christmas was really nice. the kids were happy with the things Santa brought them, even if some wishes weren't fulfilled. I got some neat stuff, like new boots and a purse. Then hubby told me to order something I really want, which is the Nikon D300. It's on it's way and I am so excited. I will finally be able to use my 50 mm on autofocus. I hardly ever get a good shot with it now because I am too blind to focus manually :) Life is good! I have to buy new memory cards for it, the size is different. They wanted to sell me those high speed ones for 99$. I almost fell over. I am going to have to check on that. I didn't even know there were different speeds for those. Goes to show how ignorant I am. I will put a post at DD and see if Katrina knows anything about that.

The weather here is mixed. We had 57 degrees just a few days ago, now it is freezing but sunny with a little dusting of snow on the ground. The kids really wanted a white Christmas but all we got was lots of rain and wind.

Our vacation is booked! We will be going to Cancun on the 23rd. I can't wait! It's been 2 years since we last went because of my passport last year. Now we are all set! With my credit card points I got 3 airline tickets free, yeah.

Okay, this is it for today! Hopefully I will keep my resolution to post more frequently, so you don't have to look at these endlessly long pages again!


Linda said...

I love how productive and creative you are. Coming to your blog is always a treat.

Happy New Year!

Joanie said...

Oh my, how did you ever find time to make all these pages? You are way too ambitious for me! Happy new year.

jeanne said...

Busy, busy. I especially love the photos in days 18 and 24. Wow! As usual, great stuff. Really, great stuff.

Carol said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

Your pages are so inspiring and I do understand about "life " getting in the way. I am hoping to achieve a lot more as soon as we get home.

Flohbock said...

Ein gesundes und glückliches neues Jahr!

Terry said...

loving your LO'S Anke. I didn't think about making a book with my Dec. pages and have decided to do a shutterfly book. some of the pages really don't flow well, so will be redoing those. Yours are great.

Vacation--can I go to???

latz said...

Anke--you have been a busy lady! Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. I know what you mean about the repetition--but I guarantee you'll love the final result when it's all put together. Good luck on the 365. I decided that would be too much pressure for me so I am going to do something like a "12 on 12" project.

Jeanne said...

Wowzers, Anke! You have been BUSY! These pages are terrific and the fact that you created all of them just blows me away. Fantastic!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

timounette said...

your christmas album is very nice !!!
but do you sleep sometimes ??? there are so many LO !!!!

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