Saturday, January 17, 2009

Project 365

week 3! I just wanted to post this real quick, before I forget and a new week starts.

Project 365 week3 I kept it pretty much the same as week 2, because the 2 pages will be facing each other in the book. I guess I will have to do that throughout the book. I am not willing to make 2 pages per week, I can't even imagine what that book would look like, LOL. As it is I will have 52 pages at least.


Hey, my DD tried herself at a page and she is so proud of herself. I helped her some and the paper was awesome to begin with. Everybody thinks she added all this brushwork, but it was there already. She had such fun with it though and is really waiting for the comments to come in, too funny! Take a peek

Leaving-home I explained stuff to her and showed her how to use a clipping mask and so on. she loved it! I might just have to fight her for the compy from now on. Okay, signing off for today!


Dawn said...

You are on a roll....your layouts always make me smile....they are perfect!!
this 365 project is interesting...isn't it...?

Joanie said...

Great Project 365 LO. I really love the lo of your little dog!! What a cutie!

tammy said...

LOVING your Project 365! Is that a template? (Can I find it somewhere?!)
My daughters are all after me to teach them what I know in Photoshop as well ... thanks to Jessica, I can teach them a bit!

jeanne said...

She made herself proud! Great layout. Love the shot. Too cute. You go girl!!!

Terry said...

You are just like a machine---one great LO after another.

Kylee said...

Anke, I just love your layouts and your style. You are brave taking on the project 365 ... I opted for a Project 52 (I'm a little lazy I guess! LOL).

tempus fugit said...


nein, ich habe mich die Weihnachtsfeiertage nicht mit all dem Marzipan, dass ich jetzt auch für dich esse, totgefuttert ;) Ich wollt' mich eh' schon längst melden, aber du kennst es ja, sooovieel zu tun... Wow, deine Layout sind ja wieder einmalig... du bringst mich zum schmunzeln und das "Leaving home" is ja allerliebst! So herzig!! Ich freu' mich schon auf deine nächsten Sachen!
LG, Doris

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