Monday, January 5, 2009

First LO for the project

I got my first page done. Here it is


since I only had the three pictures, I figured it would be easiest to use this template, because it is so versatile. For the future I really don't know what I am going to do yet. I have to look at the templates I have and go from there. I think I will keep the background the same throughout to make it flow better.

I just finished this page this morning. It's for the Saturday Scraplift at DD. Now looking at it, I think I should have used different paper, but it's done!


As always, the credits can be found here.

I am still waiting for my new camera. The guy told me it was shipped but I can't even find a tracking # on my account, what's up with that? Nothing but trouble with online purchases lately. I ordered Norton 360 from Winferno last month, downloaded it onto DH's PC. It was supposed to be for 3 PCs but I didn't need the other ones yet. PC crashed, I had to reinstall everything, go to get my program online online to find that they want to charge me 6.95 to reactivate the download. I am furious. I sent them an email and they send me a link for another program to purchase. You have got to be kidding me!!!! I still have not heard back from them after sending them another email. Ticks me off.  Lesson to be learned here, only purchase things you can hold in your hands!

Okay, I am growing creases on my butt, I have to go and fold some laundry!


latz said...

You are off to a great start on the 365. Sorry about the flat tire and the missing camera (hope it arrives soon). Is that a lift of Amy's LO? Looks cute. My DD is going to be getting braces in about 2 months--some days she is ok with it and other NOT. Any advice for her?

"See Me"... said...

Hi Anke
A friend at a scrapbooking meetup has designed her own 365 days of photos and has done it for the past year or so- she has found that the pages have become heavy in her album if she only has a few photos on each page- just a thought about the final product.
Your pages look fab as usual.
Hope the camera gets there it's like having an arm cut off when either the camera or the computer don't work!

Terry said...

Great LO Anke--love the beginning of your 365 book. I decided to go plain jane to make everything flow--not a lot of embellies--just simple. Braces--every one of my kids had braces! It is the in thing now--kids don't seem to mind having them.

I hate ordering software online---sometimes you have to--they don't send out CD's. Hope you get it worked out soon. Oh--and the camera. I'd be chomping at the bit waiting for that thing!!

Jeanne said...

Great layouts, Anke! I so admire your ability to get them done!!

Sorry to hear about your troubles lately. I hope you get them all resolved quickly and to your satisfaction!

Ann said...

I love this LO and the DD scraplift. I have not gotten many pages done lately. Hve kinda wandered into other things and am filling my life up with other stuff! Dang gotta stop that. I need a class to get me motivated again. ~Ann

Carol said...

Your layouts are great Anke. Have you got your new camera yet?

I am in Canada until the 19th then in USA for a couple of days. Start heading home on the 21st but with travel and time changes don't arrive home until the 23rd.

Linda said...

Creases on your butt? LOL! Funny.

I really like that LO for your 365 project.

Heather said...

Yep, the "creases on my butt" line's got me good - I'm still chuckling about it. ;)

My 365 project has already evolved into the 52 project. !!!

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