Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2

has come and gone :) I was so determined to post more frequently, but time just seems to run away from me. Anyway, so far I have been sticking with the project, here is page 2

Project-365-#2 I used the same template, I kind of like it. I guess next week's has to be similar, so that the pages flow as they are going to be facing each other. Gotta plan ahead :)

My baby finally arrived last week, I love it. Boy, is it ever heavy! Now I can take pictures with my 50mm and it's automatic! What a joy! Of course I had to make a page about it

Ecstatic Now I will have to save my pennies for the next lens :) It just never ends.

Here are some more pages

Ice I-heart-you Lebkuchen-Rezept Peacock Room-to-my-heart The-Prince-and-I you This last one was from a tutorial chat at DD, given by no other than Cassie Jones, the amazing one! I have to read through it again, it was about layer masks, mostly for PSE, but she explains it for PS also, it's so much easier for us. My LO that I did like a room did not go over well at all :) I know the writing didn't come out quite right, but I really liked the idea itself. I might have to fiddle with it some more. The perspective was fun to create though. I was on a roll today, I did 3 pages using Vinnie's stuff. I really haven't done much for her lately and her new kits are so fun. One I can't post yet, her new kit will be released on the 16th (it's full of sweetness, so don't buy your Valentine's stuff anyplace else :)

Dream-of-summer The-visitor With her stuff the pages almost make themselves, honestly. I just wish she still had her site or a better one for that matter. Catscrap is okay though, it's not too big, so I can handle the gallery for comments. I spend so much time every day just going through all the pages and leaving comments, it's a lot of work.

Yesterday I finally put all my Christmas stuff away, boy that was a chore! I can't believe how many decorations I put up. My back was killing me at the end. I am glad that is done. Now we finally have snow! It couldn't come for Christmas, I don't need it now! Looking at that page I did, I wish summer was here already.

Well, did I talk enough? I have to go back through the gallery, there are probably pages of new pages again! Oh well, I shall talk to you all later! Keep taking pictures!!!


latz said...

Way to go Anke--two weeks down only 50 to go! Ok maybe I shouldn't put it that way. Love those new pages with Vinnie's stuff--she is a favorite with me too.

Terry said...

I'm gonna have to venture over and look at Vinnie's stuff. You do such a great job with it. Snow? Yuk. I really hate the cold weather. Glad you got your Christmas stuff down--it's always a chore. Have fun with the new baby. I still have so much to learn with mine. Just not enough time for everything.

Jeanne said...

You don't blog (consistently) because you spend your time very productively~you make amazing pages! These are all fantastic!

Thanks for sharing your mice story with me, I would never keep them in an enclosure. Keeping fingers crossed, it's been pretty quiet these past few days...

Kendra said...

Oh, I so need to go look at that Cassie Jones chat. I had the reminder sent to me and everything. Ugh! Thanks for posting your layouts. They are really nice.

Stacey said...

Fantastic blog Anke! Anyway, I got tagged by Therese, so here goes...

And I have tagged you!

1 - Link back to the blog that tagged you
2 - Make a list of 6 (un)interesting things about yourself
3 - Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment

"See Me"... said...

Wonderful pages Anke, and keeping up to date with the challenge... well done.
Keeping the blog going is fun but can lay on one's conscience if one doesn't take the attitude that it's yours to control not the other way round which is how I was feeling for a while.
Hope your "commenting" doesn't keep you away too much from this great blog.

Carol said...

You are doing a fantastic job with all that scrapping. As soon as I get home I have decided to get lots done (especially using Vinnie's stuff).

What type of camera did you end up getting?

You asked if snowboarding is harder than skiing - I don't know, I have never skiied. Although my DH has done both and he says snowboarding is a lot harder to learn the basics but once you have them you can get good very quickly. He thinks skiing is easy to learn the basics but hard to get real good.

Heather said...

The D300 is one my loves. ;) And I know what you mean about the everpresent lens envy. Must.Buy.Another.Lens.

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!