Saturday, January 17, 2009

Almost there

just a few more days and we will be heading toward the warm weather, I can't wait. Everything is set for Cancun, flight is booked and confirmed, we have a park and fly Hotel all booked, passports are found and checked, I am getting so ready!!!! With the arctic temperatures we are having it will be even more enjoyable to leave this place for a while. Lets just hope it will be nice and warm there, there have been times when it was chilly and windy, yuck.

I just finished a 30 min. challenge chat with C. Jones at Designer Digitals. It was fun. We had only 30 minutes to complete a page and there were a few requirements included.

CJones_30MMChat_011709_Rules And here is the page I came up withclosed-for-the-season

I meant to scrap this picture anyway, so it worked out okay.

Vinnie came out with her new kit, the one I was talking about earlier. I love it

0Vinnie_Pearce_Ramance_Me_previewOf course all her stuff is really cool looking. Here is a page I did with it

You-have-my-heart You hardly have to do anything, just plop your stuff on it and you are done. Her paper is a piece of art just by itself! By the end of the week she is coming out with a pack of art paper which is really gorgeous and some brushes. Love it!!

Scarletheels asked me to do some backup work for her the other day. She just came out with a new kit too (they are popping up all over the place)

folderand here are a couple of pages done with it

Life-is-good Friends-please I only noticed later that they both had the same slant to them, too funny. Must be my crooked days.

Oh yes, and then there is PaperbagStudios. I did a page for RobenMarie too, I almost forgot. She has a cool kit out too. It's called Merry Love and here is a page I did with this one. I should make another one, the kit is cutersmith_merry_love_kit_preview PaperbagStudios Merry Love Kit  FONTS Airstream and Aline Don't they look just adorable together. I shouldn't say this, but he was really leaning over to pet the dog LOL. It was still cute and we won't tell Dad. That's all I have done so far this week.

Vinnie is going to open her own place up again real soon, it's almost done, I can't wait. This hopping back and forth is a little too much, although she will still be selling at Catscrap. We shall see how that goes. Designer digitals announced their CTs for the year and I wasn't among them, I was really disappointed. I don't know why, I didn't really expect to be chosen, of course I didn't even know they were picking anybody right now, so it was a total surprise, that's probably why it bothered me a little. Why would I even think I was being considered is beyond me, LOL (and I am not fishing for compliments here, really) There will be other times and it doesn't really matter, as long as we are having fun.

Well, time to make some lunch for the kids, they are going to be home for a few days. No school on Monday or Tuesday, so they wind up going to school for 2 days next week, cause we are leaving Thursday evening. Yippeeh!


Tammy said...

You are so busy scrapping all the time!! I need to follow your example ... Great work!

SusanD said...


Have fun in Cancun! I hope the weather is perfect.

I bought the Vinnie Pearce Romantic Kit; love it!


Linda said...

Your pages are so pretty. I find it difficult to understand how you find time to do them all! :D

They picked new CT? I don't go there as often anymore, and I stopped doing the CT contest thing because I kind of knew I would never get picked. Why do that to myself, ya know?

But I think you rock anyway.

Debbie Hodge said...

have a great time, Anke. And your pages are awesome --- and, boy, I've been there with the disappointment. . .don't think you aren't noticed at dd :)

Terry said...

have fun in Mexico! Are your kids on break?

Don't give up on the CT thingy. You'll make it in time. You are so talented--I love your work.

Ugh--could you tell me how you post your LO's side by side? I can't seem to get that done on my blog. Email me, ok.

oh--take lots of pics with that new toy of yours.

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