Monday, December 15, 2008

The Countdown continues

Oh my gosh, this month is just flying by, Christmas is coming closer and closer. At least I am almost done decorating (I know, it's about time) Today our tree is supposed to go up, my neighbor got me one and it's lying on the porch until he comes over and puts it up. the last 2 years the tree toppled over so I told him we better tie it to something to start out with :)

Here are pages 11 and 12December-Dailies-Eleven December-Dailies-Twelve

I thought I was doing really good, now I am behind again. That is because I made some other pages, but I get bored doing the same thing every day. Here is what I came up with

Identity-Crisis This is my daughter's fault. she came up with the idea and dug out all her American Girl hats. He is such a good dog, he just let my other DD hold her and put all this stuff on him. The title comes from the fact that he is a boy...

Santa-Paws I had to use that photo one more time, he is just too cute. I fixed it up in Lightroom (great, great program) to make it look desaturated. I love the whole look, it is so different. this is vinnie's stuff, I really like this template.

shopping-with-Jo this one if for Roben-Marie at Paperbag Studios. You should really hop over there and check her out, she has some neat freebies too. Plus some stuff is on sale. I really like it.

I was just thinking that these are not a lot of pages, but I just posted on Friday, so it's only been a few days. Saturday was a fun day. We slept in and then hubby suggested we go out for breakfast to Eat n Park. Of course the kids jumped out of bed for this one. Then I told them we would skip Karate that morning. My middle DD wanted to know who abducted her mother and replaced her with me :) They are not used to me ever skipping Karate. It was great!!! No stress! Then in the evening we had dinner with his office staff and that was very pleasant too, albeit very fattening. I was sure I would gain several pounds, but it's less than 2. I can deal with that.

Designer digitals is having this Christmas sale, where every day they put stuff on sale and add a freebie. I am going to the poorhouse if that doesn't end soon. I just can't resist buying their stuff!. Love it. Okay, I have to run and pick up the kids at school. Will post soon! Get my credits here


Carol said...

You are amazing me with all the fantastic layouts you are doing.
The only reason I don't put them up at DD is I don't seem to get around to it, just been too busy lately.

Jeanne said...

Look at you go! So close to Christmas and you are still scrapping. Love it! The layout of the doggie in hats is priceless.

Terry said...

Can't believe you are doing so many LO's this close to Christmas. The tree toppled over last year?? Oh no. Better tie it up this year. YOur pooch is so cute!

Joanie said...

Cute pages. I really like the overlay you are using on your potd. Love the many faces of max.

jeanne said...

That pup picture is adorable!!! What exactly is lightbox???

SusanD said...

Can't wait to see your tree up!

Merry Christmas to your and your dear family!

latz said...

Love your LO of Max. It makes me smile everytime I see it. We are finally getting things pulled together for Christmas too (just in time). Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

I just love to see your talent!! May you and your family have happy and healthy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

sosososo awesome all of them! When are you going to tutor me?

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