Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Kit is out

Well, it wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow, but somehow Catscrap released Vinnie's new kit and people bought it. My poor friend Jeanne was one of them and I went and asked her if she could hide it for a while yet, so she deleted it in the gallery and on her blog. But of course other people posted LOs, so Vinnie didn't have a choice but to release it early. I am so sorry Jeanne! Anyway, here is the page I had made with it some weeks ago waiting for the release date


I just love that snowglobe. Here is a link to Jeanne's gorgeous page, leave her some love, she deserves it! It is really pretty with that red door!

Now that December has started, I committed to a page a day for the month. I really like the idea, although I find it difficult to find things to put on the pages, every day is just as mundane as the next, in other words, not much is happening out of the ordinary :) But, I was off to a pretty good start, lets see if I can keep it up. Here are pages one and two

December-Dailies-One December-Dailies-Two

I really like Jessica's template for this, it is versatile and pretty.

The CT challenge at DD is over and I didn't make it (sob) Not that I expected it, but a girl can dream, right? Seriously, Erin (the girl who won) is really awesome, plus there were a few more girls who are a lot better than me, so there really wasn't a chance in you know what, but it was fun participating anyway!!!

Let's see, what else I made

Dance I used one of Vinnie's new templates for this one, it's kind of graphic looking, but I like it.

Falala This was for a challenge at Catscrap, we were to create a page with festive material, using a non festive photo.

St-Nick This one was the opposite, using a festive photo with non festive material. I really don't like this one that much, but oh well.

baby-feet this is my DD and her precious little feet! I love this page!!!

My-christmas-list-(max) My cute little puppy, who is way too spoiled! Another challenge, this one at DD (journaling challenge with a freebie, do you ever check them? They have great freebies)


Another one of Vinnie's templates, so easy to work with.

Teenage-musings and last but not least, another one of the DD challenges. It consists of 3 actions for the different colors and I thought they would reflect different moods, so I used them for my DD's teenage phases. That was kind of fun. I hope you are not too bored with all of this! As always, all the credits can be found here. You are allowed to leave me some love too :)

I just got my new freezer yesterday! another expenditure, but I got so fed up with that old monster sitting in my basement, I couldn't stand it anymore. That thing came with the house when we bought it in '85 and who know how long the people before us had it. It wasn't frost free and the door would pop open, so we had a bucket in front of it :) How many times did that stupid thing defrost on me and I had to throw all that food away. Now, no more ice buildup! Yeah! I love my new freezer. I am certainly contributing to the salvation of our economy this month! (and here is another idea for a LO)

Okay, I better get moving here, maybe I'll have more later. Have a wonderful and productive day everybody!


Joanie said...

Great snow globe look... I went and saw JeanneD's also, very nice. I like the looks of your Dec Daily, remember that you can plug in paper instead of photos. (You said not much happening)

Carol said...

Ohh thanks for the mention of Vinnies new kit, I will be heading over there.

I love how you have used her templates as well. I had been eyeing them off lol.

Great start to your layout a day in December. I am not sure what I am using for my Daily December yet as I used Jessica's template last year and wanted to do something different this year.

Soooo many layouts that are just stunning that I could sit and look at them all night.

Terry said...

I decided to do the Dec Daily thing too. Hope I can keep up with it--like find something to do every day.

Your LO's are just gorgeous. I love the one of Max. When you are done spoiling him, you can send him my way.

Dawn said...

WOW....just GORGEOUS...all of them!! Thanks for your visits to my blog..daily LO keep ya busy! Love Vinnies new kit...i should go and buy it!! i don't have enough stuff...

Anonymous said...

wowowowowow i love them all anke i need to come and get some lessons as soon as the store closes!! God Bless Jo

Anonymous said...

as always i love the scapbk pages! even the one with aunt jo! hope you took pics of the christmas play!! JO

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