Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another week

has come and gone and I haven't sat down once to write on my blog. What's up with that? Well, Monday I went and got a new battery, so I am back in business again. My tire (with the slow leak) just needed reglued around the rim, so that was no big deal. The week after that just flew by, it seems all the weeks are doing that anymore. Now it's going to be even worse with Christmas coming and parties everywhere, school events, shopping to be done, decorating etc etc. I am sweating just thinking about it! I haven't even started shopping yet, no that's not true, I just ordered a couple of things for the girls. Fortunately I don't have too many people to shop for.

Today we stopped at Sears and ordered a new freezer. Yes, I know, I had to spend more money.... My freezer came with the house and who knows how long is has been here. We bought this place in 1986, so that is a long time already. It is probably an antique, not self-defrosting, I hate it. There is so much ice built up in there, I can't even see what's on the top 4 shelves! Anyway, my new one will be getting here on Wednesday, it's a beauty!

For December I am planning on doing a page a day, I would really like to try to keep up with that. I have seen a few examples of what other people have done and I love it! Keep your fingers crossed!

Okay, here are a few pages I have done this week, some I can't show yet, but pretty soon!

priceless roses

treasure-todayJump It-doesn't-matter-... Uncle-Mark Haunted-House Christmas-Blessing-Gab. I really had fun doing the one with the tree. I saw that quote in a catalogue as a plaque and loved it. so I started with that and just got carried away, creating a whole fantasy scene. The idea for the one with Michael jumping was from an ad in National Geographics. That photo was just jumping off the page and I had to fiddle with it until it worked. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but in the end I got it!

Boy I am loving these days off. Nowhere to go, no Karate, it was great. A couple more days of peace and then the hussle will start! Hopefully I will still have time to create, that is my daily fix :) Talk to you all soon

Oh yeah, credits as usual here. thanks for taking a peek!


Carol said...

You always blow me away with all the stunning pages you manage to do.

I know where you are coming from with time going to fast at this time of year. Our school year ends in December for summer holidays so have been very busy with that and thinking we will be over your way in 27 days is all too stressful for me atm.

Terry said...

Yeah--you blow me away too. And to think-we started at the same time. Anke--give me some of your time--I would love to be able to scrap one LO a day. I just might get better!!!

Your December sounds about as busy as mine.

Jeanne said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Anke, I am stunned by the beauty of your layouts (and also by the fact you get so many done). The jump page, spectacular. The tree page...stunning. All the pages are just fantastic. Wow. Wow. Wow!

Carmela said...

Hey, GF... you are really rocking with all you LOs!!! You have left me far far behind! Don't think I can ever catch up! I particularly like the one with the tree and the quote. Beautiful!!! Keep it coming...!

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