Friday, November 7, 2008

Still on Cloud Nine

So far is has been great fun to be a designer. All the cute stuff Vinnie is designing. She has just sent us her latest kit last night and boy, is it ever cute. I think I am allowed to post the page I made with it, it's coming into the store tomorrow anyway. It practically made itself with the cute elements she has in there. Listen to me, I sound like an advertisement agent, LOL. Designer Digitals is still keeping me busy, I am doing a lot of pages lately. They have the CT for a month contest going on, that always gets a lot of submissions, so between creating, leaving comments here, leaving comments there and at different sites it's becoming very time consuming. That's one reason I haven't blogged in a few days. It's fun though. All I used for this one was the new Paradiso Kit from PixelCanvas It really is very cute!

Here are a few more pages

The credits for these can be find here as usual. I have a few more, but can't post those yet. The last page here with the butterflies is from PixelCanvas also, it's a little aetherial (is that even a word?). I was trying my hand on something a little weird, not sure that I love it, but it's done.

The weather here is just beautiful these last few days, the sun shines, it's warm, my stove doesn't even come on, LOL. I am loving it, it could stay like this until March and then get warmer again. I might just have to move to a warmer state, the south is looking more and more appealing to me!

Well, the election is finally over and like it or not, this is what is! We shall see what the future is going to bring, it's all in God's hands anyway. Okay guys, back to posting comments and then rush to Church. The kids Mass is at 10 AM and Rachel is going to be a Saint this morning, so I have to be there and take pictures.

Keep healthy and keep praying!


Carol said...

As usual your pages are just wonderful. You make me feel a little guilty for not getting a lot done.

I can't wait to see Vinnie's new stuff. Once again congratulations on the CT you deserve it.

Terry said...

Your LO's are gorgeous as ever. I really like that picture of the beach. Awesome! Max is my man!! He's so cute! Snow---we were just in shorts!

Dawn said...

where do you find the time!! with all you have to do...but con't to find it for i just LOVE your layouts!! going over to Vinnie's now and see her new products...!!

Tracy said...

It is wonderful having you on the team! Your pages are gorgeous!

"See Me"... said...

Anke you seem to be having such a wonderful time both creating gorgeous pages and designing with DD.
Love seeing all your lovely work

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