Monday, November 3, 2008

Grab my legs and pull

you have to get me off cloud nine!!! I just got an email today from Vinnie. I am going to be one of her CT members!!!! I can't even believe it, little me! I never ever thought I would make it, my heart was actually skipping a beat when I saw her email that said CT challenge. Oh my Lord! You can't tell I am happy, can you? Her stuff is just so totally awesome, I love everything she creates! You can check her out yourself, if you don't believe me. I have always admired her LOs, she is very talented.

Plus I am designing for somebody else, but I can't really publish anything yet, 'cause her store isn't open yet. You will see it soon. What a day!

We had a few really nice, warm days here with plenty of sunshine. Yesterday the stove turned itself completely off, we didn't need any heat all day. Give me more days like that! Our little stove is really working well, it runs and runs and I don't really have to do much of anything. I fill it up, wipe the window from the inside and do a little scraping with the special tool. That's it! Maybe once a month I will have to empty the ash bin and vacuum the inside a little. It is so nice to sit in front of it. It is nice and cozy and the fire is so soothing, I just love it. This is one of my better purchases for sure.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower out of town, it was so nice to be with my lady friends. We just went out to lunch and had a great time just talking and catching up. The mom to be is so happy and she really enjoys our happiness for her and hubby. They will make perfect parents!

Here are a few LOs I created since we last chatted

By-the-River Chucky-T. Create-a-book-VA,-page-19 Create-a-book-VA,-page-20 Fly River-Fun Tree All credits can be found at my DD gallery as usual. If you stop by, leave my some love, that would really be great! I am still working on my Shutterfly book. I have to add more pages, I am still at Busch Gardens, we didn't even make it to the beach yet, LOL. I'll get there some time. Okay, guys, DH is calling, it's TV time..... I'll be watching from my seat on cloud 9


Carol said...

CONGRATULATIONS ANKE!!!! What wonderful news to be on Vinnie's CT. You really deserve it, your work is gorgeous.

Jeanne said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations! I'm very excited for you up there on cloud 9! I think your work is terrific and just goes to show...never say never! *Ü*

Your layouts are tremendous as well. ChuckT was funny!

Terry said...

Oh I am so happy for you! What wonderful news! Your work is totally awesome Anke.

Debbie Hodge said...

Anke! I'm not at all surprised! I've been putting a lot of your pages in my faves lately. Congrats!

jeanne said...

Doing a happy dance for you!!!! You so deserve to be on both teams!!! You go gf!

"See Me"... said...

Anke your pages have developed into amazing works of art- I love them.
Congratulations up there on cloud 9.

Joanie said...

Anke!! How fun for you!! You will be awesome!!

Heather T. said...

And PLUS, you're artist of the month at Designer Digitals!!!! You're rockin' rockin' rockin'!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo...congratulations. You are a very talented scrapper Anke and I am very proud of you! I just might have to get your autograph one day!!!! Dawn

Linda said...

OMG! Wowowowowow! Huge, huge congrats Anke! That is fantastic news. Vinnie's stuff is so beautiful and you do such wonderful things with it. You truly do deserve it pal. Be proud!

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