Monday, October 27, 2008

A few more pages to share

I have done a few more this week, three of which are for submission for Vinnie's book. Not that I think she will pick mine, but nevertheless I am not supposed to show them for now. I have been working on my Shutterfly book, so here are the latest pages for that. Again, the credits can be found at DD. Create-a-book-VA,-page-15Create-a-book-VA,-page-16

Create-a-book-VA,-page-17 Create-a-book-VA,-page-18 Actually I did all these pages today. I don't usually like working on a project like that, but today I must have been inspired. Plus I have so many photos that I better get busy. I think there is only one more template coming, so I will have to reuse some of the old ones. Arghhh, I need more time.


Here are some other pages I did, just fun ones.

Making-a-Splash Someone was wondering if he was doing the air guitar. Actually he poured water on his head and is shaking it off like a dog.

No-More Summer-Dreams Thirteen

Rachel had her SecondDegree Black Belt test yesterday. I think she did okay, she really tried hard. She didn't break her boards, but that's okay, most people didn't. Of course then you have some young teenage boy with built in spring, who is able to leap to his head height, stretch out those legs and kick those 2 boards at the same time. I don't know how they do it, they look like mexican jumping beans. Those are very few and in between though. For her age I thought she looks fabulous. Questions were a different story, but I didn't expect her to do well with those. All in all she should have passed. It's going to be a few months before we find out.

It is really starting to get cold, and my pellet stove is getting a workout. My heat doesn't come on at all all day, which is great. It is still warm enough in the house. At night I have the thermostat set higher, so that the heat will come on and warm up all the bedrooms. This stove should really make a difference with our gas consumption this year.DSC_0031 It's not too shabby looking either I think.

I got to talk to Terry today. How cool is that? Terry is one of my online buddies, her blog is on my sidebar. It was really neat to hear her voice and talk to her for a while. Call again when you have time Terry! Don't work too hard. I just thought of her because she was telling me that it was 78 there, while we freeze our tails off. Well, it's time for me to put the kiddies to bed, it is actually way too late for them already. Til tomorrow or so!


Joanie said...

Fun pages! You must scrap all the time! I love your pellet stove... you are already for winter.

Terry said...

Such wonderful pages! Just love your work and you inspire me so much. It was great talking to you---still thinking about the Mac.

latz said...

Cool pellet stove--my mom use to have one at her cabin. I suppose it's still there, but she sold the cabin a few years ago.

Heather said...

Hi Anke,

I must be uber slow at LOs, because you are cranking them out AND they're beautiful to boot. Takes me forever....

tempus fugit said...

Oh, what an output! You make so wonderful LOs - I'm turning green with envy ;) I love that you focus on that little things of life and your fotos catch these moments perfectly...
Love and hugs, Doris
P.S. Wenn ich Marzipan esse, denk' ich jetzt immer an dich ;)

tempus fugit said...

A new award for you! Catch it on my blog!
Love and hugs,

Never say Never!

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