Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Card and more VA pages

I made a digi card!!! How fun and how easy. I am thinking I can just print it out on heavy paper and glue it on a blank card.  If I don't print the flower, I could actually attach a real one later. This was the challenge for this week at the Spraground. How fun!Fall-CardAll supplies by V.Lim Designs.

I got a few more pages done for my Shutterfly book at Designer Digitals. I might get more than the 20 pages this time. We have quite a few pictures just from Williamsburg and a ton from the beach. We'll see. I really enjoy putting this together. I hope the pictures aren't too small now that I reduced the template.  

  credits   New-Create-a-book6New-Create-a-book5  credits    



credits   New-Create-a-book7  New-Create-a-book8credits             


I also had to change the colors on this set, I am just not able to keep the same pale color through the whole book, I get too bored with it. I don't think a little splash of color will make it look too different. Williamsburg is such a neat place to visit.

I actually signed up for another class at Debbie Hodge's. This one is for travel also. She has a planner for each lesson and a design packet for 5 pages. I might make them into templates, so I can use them again later for different things. Plus she has another class coming up toward the end of the month in which we make an artsy journal. It sounds really cool and crafty. I haven't done anything with my hands for a long time, so that does sound enticing. Plus I thought it might make a nice present for the girls. They both enjoy drawing and writing, I'm sure they would make good use of one of them.


Linda said...

So many things going on here Anke. I love the book LOs. Really clean and crisp. Beautiful.

And the card! Yay! Do print it out. It looks great when it's printed. :D

Terry said...

Whew! You have been busy girl. Love your LO's and the card is great. I've made a couple of cards and really like them. Keep up the work!! Love seeing it.

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