Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vinnie's place is open!

You guys know Vinnie Pearce? She is opening her own shop and it's open to play, although the shop is supposed to open tomorrow. The forum has been open for a few days which I didn't know. She has a gallery and we have been playing a few games. It looks like a neat place and it's just what I need, another place to go visit and spend time which I don't have, LOL. I am really curious to see what kind of supplies she is going to have. I just love her style, she is so talented! This is the address Pixel Canvas check her out!

I did a few LOs yesterday, she had a challenge going and gave away a free kit which I used for one of them. this is my DD and my DH dancing at a friend's wedding. He looks so happy and she looks like she is all grown up with that strapless gown of hers. Holy Cow, I am going to have to lock her in a room until she is ready to get married, LOL. The next one is hubby again, this time with the middle DD. Same place, same activity. Daddy and his girls, it's just so cute. They grow up way too fast for my taste. You-me-it's-usTogether-makes-me-happy

credits one credits two

ChampionThe Champion LO was the challenge from Vinnie. We had to use a freebie template she gave us and blend the picture with a textured paper, use 2-4 embellishments and stitching. This is so Michael, too funny! Here are the credits for this one. Yesterday was his birthday, he is nine years old now and he thinks he is so big! He only had two little boys over, so I just let them play outside. It was more like a play date rather than a birthday party, but they didn't seem to mind at all. He had a good time and it was so much easier on the ears and nerves this way, LOL.

I still have to finish my last LO for the writer class. I finally came up with an idea for it, but am lacking pictures, so I will have to remedy that situation. The playground is pretty quiet these days and so is Debbie's site. I was going to take Debbie's travel class, but I am really hesitant, I have so much on my plate right now, I don't know if I can do it! Maybe I will sign up and just keep the material for later. Her sketches seem to be really neat, judging from the sample she let us download. I would really like to go through some of the tutorials I bought from Cassie Jones at DD. I've had them for a while and just never did them. Plus I need to go through Jessica's classes again with my CS3, so I can learn the program. Just going through Pattie's template class taught me some things I didn't know I had, great! Well, I will close now, it's getting late already again and I need to check out a few blogs yet.


Terry said...

Anke--these are great LO's. I clicked on the link for Vinnie's place and "nothing" are you sure the address is correct. I'd like to check it out.

Kids do grow up way too fast, huh. My daughter is having a baby in a few months. Seems like she was just a little one and now she is 34! How'd she get that old??

I'm signing up for Debbie's class just for the material. I doubt if I'll keep up because "life" is just so busy right now.

Carol said...

Anke your layouts are great. I love the photos of your husband and daughters and I put a comment on the layout with your son in the gallery because it caught my eye, it's fantastic.

9! Wow he is getting big now lol. How cute they are.

Ohh and with your link to Vinnie, take out the www and maybe it will work?

With my photos I just play around with the levels and add a little contrast and either add or delete a little saturation. I am having fun playing around with them. I remembered Candice saying in the class that digital photos come out dull, so have being trying to add a bit of brightness.

"See Me"... said...

Hi Anke,
I have fallen by the wayside in many ways of late both in scrapbooking and blogging but hoping to get back in to things quickly.
Your LOs look fabulous as usual.

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!