Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Time

That is what I need! I just don't seem to be able to keep up with everything and create at the same time! I have Google Reader, which is really great, it makes it so much easier to check on the blogs I follow. Then there are the different sites I read, the forums I belong to, the challenges I want to do and so on and so on....

I did a few more pages for Designer Digitals, nothing great, but at least I got some stuff done. Every time I go on that site, I just want to crawl under a rock and hide. Man, those women are good! They are always the same names who's stuff I like, just amazing. Monday is the beginning of the class at Jessica's, the type writer class. I am a little scared about this one, I am not really good at writing stuff down. But I guess that will be a good class to take then. Then there is the class at Debbie Hodge's site. It's a class on templates by Pattie Knox from Designer Digitals, I think I mentioned it before. So that's starting too. Some ladies from the Spraground have started a tutorial group, where some tuts are posted for everybody. It is really great, but we put it on hold until after the class is over. That is really a good thing, I just can't do another thing. My family is going to throw me out pretty soon, LOL. This is a LO I just did today. My DD took the picture yesterday on the way to piano. I just stopped on the bridge and she took the photos. I can't believe how nice they looked, nothing like the small depressed town we really live in. Amazing how photographs can lie! Here are the credits.Delight Then there is this one, my oldest DD. We were at this wedding this past Saturday and she was all dressed up in this strapless dress, looking like an 18year old. I really like this page, it shows her off so well. Credits are here

Who-told-you The last one is this one here. I picked some photos from our VA beach vacation. Now I am kind of thinking I made a mistake, since I really wanted to make a book about the vacation and use K. Pertiet's templates for it. Oh well, I can always use this one separately. Credits here. This was actually a challenge from the Spraground. We were supposed to use a screenshot of a map in the LO.Surf's-Up

I am excited about the classes starting on Monday, although I really wanted to go through Jessica's instructions again and use the CS3 version, since I don't know the half of it. Again, there is just not enough time in the day to play, what should a girl do? I hope I am not boring you all to tears here. Just look at the pictures and be happy and just ignore my rambling of the day.

My DD has a little friend sleeping over, so I better get everybody ready and then spend some time with DH and watch a movie before I zonk out! Talk to you all soon


Carol said...

Anke I know how you feel about no time. That is how I feel at the moment and I know next week is not going to be any better.

You definitely have done more scrapping than me atm. Your pages are gorgeous and I especially love the last one of your vacation.

See you in class.

Linda said...

Give yourself some more credit Anke, your LOs are as lovely as the best of them on DD. But I can relate to what you are saying, going there always makes me feel inferior.

Jeanne said...

When you figure out how to get more time into a day, will you let me know? I'm with you so on the whole time thing!

BUT-you manage to get more layouts done than I do. These are gorgeous. That vacation one? Super!

Oh and I know what you mean when you got to a gallery and feel small. Easy to say don't be hard on yourself, but oh so hard to do.

I'll see you in class because I signed up for that one, too!

Terry said...

Anke-I think you are right up there with the rest of them at DD. I always admire your work and wish I could produce something that looks half as good as yours. When you figure out the time thing--let me know. I want in on it. Life is just toooo busy.

jeanne said...

WOW! All three are great. Love the river. Stunning shot. Great layout

Joanie said...

Anke, You are going to laugh and laugh at me. I loved your first little DD LO (the one with the creek that is masked in stripes) so much that I created a template from it!! Thanks for the inspiration

Joanie said...

OK so now I "really" read what you said about the creek LO and don't know where I got the idea this was old or your first... oh well... I still love it and it still inspired me!

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