Monday, September 8, 2008

More pages done

Wow I am really getting stuff done these days, there is nothing like a little motivation, like challenges. That always gets me moving. I did this one here on my DH. We went to this party and all the guys got together to play volley ball, when I saw him take a peek at his watch. That is so like him, he just does not feel comfortable at parties. He likes to get together with some close friends and talk about his job or politics and religion. At least he tried to go along with everybody else and he played with the kids too, so I was grateful for that. It was a beautiful day and we all had fun. On the second page (which I originally hadn't planned) I added some pictures that show him playing as proof of his participation. I will try to put the pages next to each other, I


don't know if it will work though. I guess not, this is the closest I could get them, so it will have to do. Here are the credits for #1 and #2

This morning I finished a challenge at Designer Digital, the journaling challenge, which is brand new. That was just a quickie, but I like it nevertheless. Here are the credits

Today was also the beginning of the type writer class at Jessica Sprague's. We are off to a great start. The introduction was long and specific and just great. We had to sit down and write about something for at least 15 minutes. I am not a writer but I filled 5 pages in my notebook on a trip to the fair on Saturday. 5 pages!!! I didn't realize I had this much to say about anything, LOL. Now to shorten the whole thing and make it work for a LO. That will come tomorrow I guess. Liv (who is teaching the class with Jessica) has such a wonderful writing style, so descriptive and flowery, plus she is simply amazing!


Terry said...

My DH is just the opposite--he is the life of the party!! Like how you captured the moment of him looking at his watch and then "proof" of him playing. sounds like you understand him! Love the LO of Max---he is so cute!!

Carol said...

Anke your pages are fantastic. I love how the ones of your DH are matching but not identical.

I can't wait to see improvements in my writing, I also love Liv's way with words.

We are back to sunny weather, lucky as Fletcher had an excursion to a farm yesterday. Mud was bearable but rain would have been miserable.

Notice all my writing! Making sure I follow on from my first train of thought lol.

jeanne said...

Love the catch of your pup in mid air. Great shot. Your comments about your dh crack me up. I could so relate.

tempus fugit said...

The page mit deinem kleinen Max und seinen slurpy kisses ist so süß und hat mich zum lächeln gebracht und die andere... uiuiui, du bemerkst aber auch alles ;) und dann noch fotographisch festgehalten - da hat der Angeklagte wohl keine Chance... Hast du gewußt, daß deine Seite eine der ganz wenigen ist, für die ich mir echt Zeit nehme, so super ist dein Blog!
Alles Liebe aus dem fernen und ausnahmsweise sönnigen Österreich

Dawn said...

oh, i so love all your new layouts...i am still updating my new hard drive...but i should be back up soon and do some LO..dewnie

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hi Anke,

I found your blog over at Kimi Kreations. Our daughter is also adopted from China. Your family is gorgeous! I saw your comment on Kimi's blog about being signed up for two classes. Are you taking the Jessica Sprague Photography class too?

By the way, beautiful LOs.


Veevs said...

You are producing so many wonderful and beautiful LOs Anke! I love them all!!

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