Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Live Writer

This is great! Jeanne in Colorado had this thing on her blog and of course I had to stick my nose into it. Nothing new can get past me, for Pete's sake. It's from Microsoft and basically you can type your blog post on here and then post it later. This is easier to see, it looks exactly the way it's going to look on your blog (did you ever get frustrated posting your stuff and it's all messed up, the pictures aren't where they are supposed to be, the text goes any which way?). This thing even has spell check and different fonts. I am loving it already and I just started typing on it now. This lady here has it on her blog, so go check her out. She is really nice too, I had to ask her for some help and she replied very promptly (as did Jeanne btw.) . The name of her blog is Organized Mom.

On another note, Designer Digitals just started their  guest CT contest and the LOs are flooding in. There is no way I am even thinking I might win, but it is such a great incentive to scrap! The pages being posted are just gorgeous, what a great inspiration! I did a fast page last night, nothing special, but I like it nevertheless. I had taken some pictures around the pool area to be used as overlays or texture, so I stuck on on K. Pertiet's paper and I liked the result, just breaks it up a little. I have to play with that a little more. Anyway, here are the credits if you want to find out more. It's almost embarrassing to be posting there, but what the hey, I might as well do it.



Jeanne said...

Whoo hooo! Glad the Live Writer is working out for you. Sarah is super helpful isn't she? The post looks great.

As does that layout. You go friend!

Thanks for sharing. Ü

tempus fugit said...

Wow, ich war schon viel zu lange nicht mehr auf deiner Seite - was sich da alles getan hat! Deine LOs sind alle wunderschön und die stories dazu so süß. Ich find' das echt so lieb wie du alles schreibst.
Danke für deine comments on my new kit - der ist riesig und kommt deshalb in mehreren Teilen. Ich mag die Arbeit von Nicole sehr und es war eine echte Freude mit ihr zu arbeiten und ich denke, das Resultat ist wirklich hübsch geworden.
Und danke noch für den Hinweis auf den LiveWriter - der ist echt super!
Ach ja: nautische Linien ist ein Wort - du hast noch nichts verlernt ;)
Liebe Grüsse

Terry said...

You are so good---I think you have a good chance at competing! Great LO!

Carol said...

I was going to have a go at Live Writer, I just haven't got around to it yet.

Your layout is gorgeous.

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