Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ready, set ..Action

I read this cool article in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine about actions. I used the one on my Storm LO. On the site I found a ton of actions and downloaded them. Since I have CS3 now, I can use them all, gotta love photoshop! (Btw., if you have anybody in school or any connection to teaching, you can get a really good deal through the It saves you hundreds of dollars) Anyway, one of the actions is Isabel's pastel sketch and I used it on our house. I have always wanted to do a drawing of it and this was just perfect. I really like the results and you can play with it, make the lines stronger or lighter. Putting it on a LO took me a lot longer, LOL. For some reason I couldn't quite visualize the page the way I wanted. It came out okay though.

We went to a wedding this weekend and then today the couple's parents had a picnic during which they opened their presents. Kind of a nice idea, plus it was a gorgeous day (and I didn't have to cook for 2 days, yeah!) They all got to play volleyball and tossed a ball around, had pretty good food and generally a good time. Of course coming home now I have to go through all the blogs I read and try to catch up with my emails etc. This is turning into work, ladies!!! How do you all keep up with it?


Jeanne said...

Anke...nice pictures...great that you can use all those actions!

I'm not sure what happened with your download. email me at jtomshack at gmail dot com and it'll be easier to communicate and get you going. Ü

Carol said...

Great layout. I have been having a play with actions lately. Pretty cool.

Australian winters don't really get cold, even though I tend to whinge about them being cold. Snow is rare over here and where I am winter days range from lows of 5 degrees to tops of 22 degrees (that is in celcius). So on most days if outside running around you can take of jumpers. When we tell our friends about the temps in Canada when we are over there on holidays they can't believe it. Minus 10s to minus 25s are unheard of over here.

Linda said...

That is a lovely LO Anke. Great job!

Terry said...

great job Anke. you use CS or PSE the most now? I have PSE and thinking about checking out that website you cited.

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