Monday, August 11, 2008

I just finished

my next group of Cancun pages. Boy, it takes forever to just pick the photos, let alone find the paper to match and the embellies are actually the easiest part. I had fun with this one though, I wish I was there right now! Rachel was so funny, hiding under the towel and taking a nap in the heat of the day, so her! Well, this is it for today, my family must think I am glued stuck to my keyboard. My DH was hinting at some report about internet addiction, LOL. He is such a sweetie though. I mentioned reading in one of the forums that the Nikon D300 is a really good camera, but that it costs about 1800$ and he tells me to go and get it. "You will just be telling me for 2 months how outrageous the price is and hemm and haw and then you will eventually buy it anyway" Isn't he just hilarious? I do fell guilty though because I just bought my D40 thinking it would be more than enough for my needs. Yeah right! I will think about it. What do you guys think? Okay, now this is really it!
Just the credits for the pages


Carol said...

Cancun looks like a fabulous place.
Lol at your DH. He actually sounds a bit like mine, who says, "if it means we can stop discussing it, then get it".
I don't know either camera very well, I have a canon 400D, but there is a great site
where you can compare all the features of each.

jeanne said...

Love, love, love that shot of your daughter with your hubby!!! Beautiful!!! The D300 is on my list BUT Candice said my lenses may not be compatible so I need to check that out, otherwise it will be mine next month!!!

Terry said...

WOW! Love these LO's. Especially like the one of DH and daughter. Love how you cropped the photo to make it vertical.
Go for it! I know of a home for your old camera. :)

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