Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday already?

wow, it's been days since my last post, I can't even believe it. With the kids being back in school you would think I had more time, but the days just flew by. The only thing I have been doing is creating LOs, LOL. I think I have a little problem here. I finaly finished the challenge from Jessica's site. We could chose from different pictures of inspiration and create a page using whatever we found appealing in those. Here is the page I did. The image I chose for my inspiration had a lot of brushwork on it, which I really liked. I just had fun with this one. Here are the credits

The other one is about Virginia Beach, actually the next 2 are. The first one is about this really fierce storm that came down the first afternoon we got there. It came on so quickly, the just chased everybody off the beach, people left umbrellas and stuff behind, the poor kid had to collect and secure all the beach chairs, of course he got soaked. I found this really cool action, it's called Old Toy Camera action, I found a write up about it in Digital Scrapbooking magazine and had to try it. Well, the palmtree pic is the result. I used it on the other ones too, but it's harder to see. I love the moody feel it adds.

You can find the credits here

Then last night I did this one about the kids feeding the sea gulls from our balcony. It was like the movie The Birds. I don't think our neighbors were too happy with us, but the kids had fun. I really like the way this one came out, pretty simple with lots of white space. Something a little different anyway. Credits are here.

At least today it is sunny again, it was so cold last night, I had to wrap myself in a blanket watching TV. It's supposed to be the end of August, not October! Now it's warm again and I will have to go and change my shirt.

In the evening I usually get together with DH to watch a short episode of some TV show that we rent from Netflix. We are waiting for NCIS to come out on DVD, so we are now watching Criminal Minds. I like it and the things they show just make me sick. Can that much evil really exist? The things that are being done to people and children.... it is just unbelievable. I truly believe that these things really go on. I must have led a sheltered life, it just horrifies me. This morning I read about this young woman on trial for microwaving her 1 month old baby to death because of a fight with her boyfriend. How sick can you be? Depressing to say the least. I just want to hold my children tight and keep them home forever so that they don't have to run into these kind of people, but I guess that won't be possible.

Well, on this lovely note I will leave you for now, keep your children safe and teach them to deal with stuff like that (not that you need my advice). I will go and change my shirt now, maybe that will make me feel better, LOL.


Terry said...

oh just love the birds--we did the same thing at the beach during spring break. The palm tree is great!! Still haven't figured out the "credits here" thing.

Great LO's as usual. Love your work.

Life just gets busier for me during school---it's a love hate relationship. Love it and hate all the going and coming at the same time.

jeanne said...

Beautiful, beautiful layouts. I just love how you combine groups of elements to make a whole.

Carol said...

Your layouts are stunning. I feel guilty about how little I have done over the last few months.

As for the TV shows, I cannot watch anything like that. I go to bed had have bad dreams. I think I was another who lived a very sheltered life and just can't imagine people really doing these things.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful layouts! Love how everything comes together beautifully.

As for shows, right now I'm into Forensic Files and that type of show. Strangely fascinating.

To answer the question you had on my blog-after you download it, make sure you install it! I did the same thing you did...I downloaded to my desktop so I could find it then didn't install. After it's installed you can find it from your start menu. HOpe this helps! Oh and no, the flower I showed you is upright so it must be a different flower. Thanks for visiting my little home on the web. Ü

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