Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More vacation pictures

Okay, before all the memories fade, here are some more pictures from our vacation, which is now officially over (I wish it wasn't so) Life is back to normal, today was packed with stuff to do already. I haven't even paid my bills yet, I'll have to do that in the morning. Anyway here are the promised pics.

The first one is still in Williamsburg, at the bookstore that we have to visit every time. They have a Starbucks inside, hmmm.
Then we have Darkastle, a long wait, kind of fun, but not worth waiting an hour or more for.

Then we finally made it to the beach , Virginia Beach that is. Is was so hot, we couldn't walk in the sand without putting shoes on. We couldn't check in until 5PM, but we just went to the beach for a while. I was surprised as to how wide the beach was, Cancun is much more narrow with bodies everywhere!

The dolphins were very close to the beach every day. We loved to watch them swim back and forth and I caught this one jumping. I really liked that show

At night there was a lot going on, every corner had different entertainment, music, comedy etc. Look at the street light. I really loved the signs they had posted, they mean business there! Saturday night they had fireworks at 10PM. Good thing we were still running around and not trying to sleep yet!

Mornings looked like this and then there is daddy hanging with his little girl.

I forgot, the day we got there, which was Thursday, we had a really sudden thunderstorm, it was something else! Lightening everywhere and the guards chasing all the people off the beach, the kid trying to collect all the beachchairs so they wouldn't fly away. We were on our balcony overlooking the beach and took it all in. The pictures didn't come out that well, it was really dark and strange. This one kind of shows what it looked like.

After many tries, the kids were finally able to get the seagulls to come to the balcony to get some cheese nips from them. Wow, did anybody see the movie The Birds? That's what it felt like. They enjoyed it though and I got some pretty good pictures even though they were forever moving around. Do you see the cheese nip in midair in the first picture? (taken in manual I might add, padding myself on the back)

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you all too much, I just picked a few pictures, there are tons more, but that's too much work to put on here.

Just a couple of LOs I finished yesterday for my Cancun book. That's it for today!



Terry said...

oh the beach pictures bring back memories of when I lived there! So glad you had a wonderful time. Now it's back to the real world.

Carol said...

You are doing a great job with your photography, the photos are fantastic.

jeanne said...

Wow, wow, and wow. Love those shots. The dolphin and bird shots are amazing and in manual no less. I bow to you.

Lisbet said...

Lovely pictures an LO.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anke, next time you go on vacation, can I come??? Looks like you guys had a perfect time!! Love your new page...love all of them!!

"See Me"... said...

What fabulous photos and holiday!
It is hard to get back to the daily flow; hope it doesn't all become a distant blur too soon!

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