Friday, August 15, 2008

Just my type

challenge from Designer Digitals. I loved this blog challenge. The idea was to use a font that had some relation to the LO at hand. I used the Anke script font since it is my name. I finally was able to use the pictures from my swearing in ceremony. At least the pictures of me were halfway decent and not total horror pictures as usual.
Here are the credits
Boy, I haven't taken any pictures these last few days, I am going to have to crank up my camera again and practice my metering.
Yesterday at Karate we were taught a new form. Now I really love learning new forms, they are my favorite thing. It just seems that my brain needs so much more time to memorize stuff anymore. I know that Jr. learned this thing in about 5 minutes, so totally not fair! This one teenage girl was able to follow along perfectly and remembered every step right away. On the other hand she looked pretty awful doing it, so that made me feel better. At least when I do the moves they look like I mean it, there! Excuses for old braincells. Well, I finally got it, now of course to remember it! Practice, practice!


Tammy said...

Anke--I love this page! I'm just getting to week 2 in DID (although this is week 3!) and I learned how to make the star shape as a clipping mask--LOVE IT!
And, hey, don't let those sloppy teenage girls get you down! You got it going on, girl!

jeanne said...

Love this layout. The shots are beautiful.

P.S. Katie always ticked my dd off in karate. She would pick up forms instantaneously while he would struggle. Guess why I never took karate.

Ann said...

What a great page!! My blog is finally updated after my 2 months of traveling. I posted the salmon fishing page on it. ~Ann

Carol said...

This is a great page of a very important event.

I never knew you did karate and I don't know a lot about it, but in my opinion, looking good is better than picking it up quickly lol.

Terry said...

Great page Anke!! What a wonderful event to scrapbook.

Knock em dead in karate.

Never say Never!

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