Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's getting cold!

It's hard to believe that only 5 weeks ago we were still in the Pool. Now we already had our first frost, yuck! At least it's nice and sunny most of the time and the trees really have been looking beautiful for the last few weeks. Well, at least I don't have to take care of flowers outside anymore, water, water all the time, it kind of gets to you after a few months, LOL. I just brought all my houseplants in last week, right before the first frost. That's what they call good timing! Now my house looks like a jungle and hubby gets claustrophobic. I had to put my large Weeping Fig behind his chair in front of the window, poor guy. The corner I used to keep it in will be occupied by our brand spanking new Pellet Stove! It is being installed as we speak (or type for that matter) and looks pretty good. Our house has stone walls, so they have been drilling for quite a bit. I didn't know they could go through stone like that! I just hope it's going to reduce our gas bill this winter, last season it was completely ridiculous. Our house is old (1926), so it's poorly insulated and very big and open. I already bought an Eden Pure, but that really doesn't do all that much. It's more like a space heater for our sunroom where we watch TV. Enough of that. Here are a few pages I have done during this past week (can't believe it's been that long already again)

German-Lebkuchen Nature's-Art Warrior Enjoy-Life Create-a-book-VA,-page-13 Create-a-book-VA,-page-14 Enough No-Brakes Love-is Even-Pirates I think that's it! You can find all the credits in my DD gallery. It's so much easier than listing every single one! Some were for challenges but they were all a lot of fun! If I don't create a page I feel like something is missing in my day!

The class at Debbie Hodge's has started last Monday and I haven't signed up yet. I am so tempted, but so overextended, I am still hesitating. It's about creating an art Journal and it sounds really cool. I might still sign up just for the instructions, we'll see.

I still haven't gone through the tutorials I bought at DD. Cassie Jones has the best, they always include materials to be used and they are so easy to follow! Well, I better get busy and make some dinner before we have to head out to Karate tonight! Rachel is testing this Sunday for her 2nd stripe on her Black Belt, so she needs the practice. She is really working hard and I am so proud of her. Oh yeah, we also went on a little diet (mostly for her sake but I wanted to lose a couple of pounds myself) So far she is doing really well and I am so proud of her! I hope she will keep it up!


Jeanne said...

Wow! I am quite impressed! You got all those done in the past week?? Oh are so good at scrapping! If I scrapped in real life as much as I "thought" about scrapping...I'll bet I'd be as productive as you are. These are some terrific layouts!!!

What is that being made in the first layout? I see it's German...a type of cookie? Looks good...whatever it is and made by a cute chef! *Ü*

Terry said...

Wow! YOu got so much accomplished in a week. I am lucky if I get 3 done in a week. Just too busy with work and football. The LO's are beautiful. Just may have to lift one or two of them. How do you get your LO's side by side in the blog? I can't figure that out.

Carol said...

I cannot believe how many layouts you have done and they are all fantastic.

I know what you mean by overextending I still have online classes to do that I purchased months ago :-(

Jeannette said...

Anke, your going to have to give us some time management tips or something. By the time I've finished thinking about scrapping I've ran out of time LOL. Your LO's are all really great!

Roben-Marie said...

Wow! I wish I could scrap this fast! These are so beautiful! RM :)

jeanne said...

You did it again. Stunning layouts. Love your style.

Ann said...

I just love your scrapbook pages. I have not done much lately and BTW I do have a new post on my blog finally! ~Ann

Carol said...

Hi Anke, me again! Zac is over in the States for business - although I call hanging out with golf pro's a holiday lol. On ichat he showed me his blisters from golf, it was hard to give him sympathy.
Ichat is on Mac computers and fantastic! The cameras are built into the computers (I have a computer he has a notebook).

Heather T. said...

HELLO, CALLING ALL ANKE'S... Uhm, you made me sign up for that class!!! *lol* And now you're not there. You should do it! We can both be overextended. Maybe I'll look like I've lost some weight that way... ;) Seriously, I've just finished watching the videos and reading the pdf's for the first week, and that only took an hour. We can still catch up!

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