Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am being consumed

by this desire to create, I can't stop myself, LOL. Today was just awful (not really). After Church we went to Eat'n Park for lunch, which was really nice for a change. The kids were great company and we had a good time. After that I pretty much spent all day on the compy! I have no desire to practice the piano (good thing my piano teacher doesn't read my blog), I have to force myself to do the laundry and some minimal cleaning! Having said that, I still don't get everything done I want to do. I haven't even looked at any blogs yet today. Maybe I am trying to do too much?

Vinnie Pearce is looking for some CTs and has this contest going. I have submitted a couple of pages, although I am sure I don't have a chance in you know where. A lot of the ladies from DD are on her site and they are so good!!! I would really really love to do this kind of thing, I love her creations, everything she makes is just wonderful, at least to me it is. I guess that's my kind of style. Birthdays-and-pizza Celebrate-happiness Happy-Birthday-Gabby These were all created with Vinnie's supplies, although on the birthday one I added stitching from A.Aspnes and the border from M. Wise, both from DD.

This humming LO was a lift for the copy cat Wednesday challenge at the InspirationBlog by Kayleigh and Tara (check my list on the right) I love taking pictures of flowers and bugs and all kinds of things in the yard, I figure it will be so cool in the middle of winter to look at those. Then I did this one of myself picking peaches. I can't believe I actually used a picture of myself, but the colors worked, LOL.   Credits

Just-humming-along  harvestThis next one I did a few days ago for my friend Doris from TempusFugit (check my sidebar again) I mentioned her before, she designs cool freebies and she lives in Germany, so I get to write to her in german, which is so cool! Plus she is really sweet. I used her supplies on here, plus a couple of things from DD.    CreditsMichael-at-the-pool 

and last but not least these two pages. Finishing these  makes me caught up with the pages for the Shutterfly book. Yeah. Of course today they had template #6, so I have to do those yet. I really like Katie's templates for the book, they make it so easy and they look so professional! Plus they are so versatile, I might have to flip some to create more pages. I didn't realize I had as many pictures as I do. I think it's going to be a fun book! Credits1 and credits2 .

New-Create-a-book9 New-Create-a-book10 Well, this brings me to the end of today, I am realizing that my life is completely boring. There is Celia (check blog) who is in Japan right now and she has the most amazing posts and stories on her blog, and then there is me who sits at her computer all day long. I need to get a life! If I didn't do Karate every day, I would probably turn into a blimp just from sitting so much! Speaking of Karate, Sabomnim makes me teach part of the kids class almost every time I take the kids. I guess he trusts me to do it right by now. It really helps me remember the requirements and the execution of forms much better. Rachel is going to test for 2nd degree in a couple of weeks, that's another biggie! He teaches a special class for this group, focusing on little things and their technique really looks a lot better. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive!

Und fuer meine deutschen Besucher (falls da welche sind), alles Gute, hoffentlich habt Ihr alles verstanden. Lasst mir mal einen Kommentar da, damit ich weiss ob es Euch gefallen hat oder nicht. Klickt auf Kommentar, schreibt was rein, klickt auf anonymous, mehr nicht. Bis bald, Coco lieb!


Jeanne said...

Wow! Look at you! These layouts are terrific. I am the opposite of you...I blog surf and DON'T get any layouts completed. :( Oh and I get distracted by making cards. LOL

We should combine our two efforts and reach a happy medium.

Seriously though, you say you are boring, but you truly are not! You just have to see your layouts to know that!

Anonymous said...

Anke, this is the first time I've read your blog and I LOVE it!! I had no idea how much we have in common (1. an overwhelming desire to create and try to make creative teams LOL! 2. adoption!!!!! 3. German!!) I was laughing OUT LOUD as I read through your last posting as it is an EXACT assessment of my life currently. Constantly thinking I MUST be scrapping while getting very little else done. However, you are still staying in shape and I cannot say the same for myself! Well, anyway, just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your blog! You have a beautiful family! (Ashley Kennedy)

Carol said...

You have been extremely busy scrapping. Your layouts are fantastic, I think you do stand a chance!!!
I do agree, however, that there are amazing pages over at Vinnie's. I can sit for ages and just look through the gallery and not achieve any scrapping at all lol.

Debbie Hodge said...

you are on a roll! so many great layouts here. . . . . and Celia's life is much more exciting than mine too. Creating is good.

Anonymous said...

Anke, you are a beautiful, talented woman with a full life...never think you are boring.
Your pages are just plain amazing. I really enjoy your blog also!!!!

jeanne said...

"Vinnie Pearce is looking for some CTs and has this contest going. I have submitted a couple of pages, although I am sure I don't have a chance in you know where."

So not true. You do phenomenal work. She would be lucky to have you!!!!

Dawn said...

Your layouts are all so wonderful!! You are right up there in my favorites!! and "oh, yes i am with you,gf..between LO, card making, blog hopping who has time for housecleaning"

Heather T. said...

I wouldn't be so sure about not having a chance in somewhere... you've been making super pages, Anke!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!