Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm back

It feels as though I have been missing forever! My laptop finally decided to take it's last breath. It just kept shutting off after 10 minutes. Poor thing, I must have worked it to death! Dealing with Toshiba has been quite an experience. If you are lucky enough to find somebody who speaks english, you still have trouble understanding. I was supposed to still be under warranty by one day, but their registration date for my compy was marked as Nov. 6 07, which is before I even bought the darn thing. I called on the 8th, the last day of what should have been my warranty coverage. After a lot of back and forth and faxing my receipt, I am still waiting for it to go through, so they can finally decide to send me a box for it, after which the long wait will start. Obviously there is no way I could be without my laptop for weeks, so I had to go out and buy a new one. Cute little HP (no toshiba, that's for sure) 4 gb and 320 g. It doesn't take long to fill them up anyway. It took a while to get my stuff back on, fortunately I have a double saving system, so it was just a question of transferring everything. Some stuff I still had on the old one, but I was able to keep it on long enough to transfer the files to my EHD. Phew!
Then I was working on my shutterfly book, which I finally finished this morning. I chose 8x8 this time, but I have 32 pages. That's for a 1 week vacation for crying out loud! And I picked through all the pictures, there were a ton! This is what it looks like and here is the link. all those pages in there are what I have been working on. Here ares some additional pages. All the credits can be found at my gallery at DD as usual.
Did I tell you all how great my Pellet Stove is? I love it, it keeps the house pretty warm, the heat only comes on at night. Of course it hasn't been that cold either, but still. Great purchase.
I spent a small fortune again today over at DD. Their quarterly sale is going on this weekend and of course I can't resist.
Vinnie just put out a new kit too and it is adorable, especially for people with little ones. It has a little crib too. Too cute. I don't actually have it yet, she is still having trouble with her website. She is designing for Catscrap too now, so it will probably be sold there also. Great stuff! Okay, that was just a small update, I have to get busy.


Terry said...

love your book! Awesome! Glad you got a new laptop with lots of space. It won't be long and it will be filled to the brim! LOL

tempus fugit said...

Oh wow! This album smashed me one floor - it's so brilliant and beautiful and ALL of the LOs are just great!
Auf deine Frage zu meinem Brag Book: Ich hab' mir gedacht, dass man es doppelseitig auf dickem Papier ausdruckt und den Buchstaben ausschneidet, damit sich dann das Wort ergibt, aber bitte vermeide jedes Scheren-Harakiri, wär doch schade um dich!!
Ich schick' dir gaanz liebe Marzipan-Grüsse

Anonymous said...

wow these are awesome you are the man!! so great i'd like to see more of me thought hahahahaha

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