Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Saturday

That pretty much says it all, just another Saturday, LOL. The week is over again, the kids are off for the weekend. We just had Karate in the morning and then went to visit our friends in Altoona. We had a good time if you ignore the fact that my battery died just as we were leaving Sam's. They were closing and we ran over to Walmart, where the tire center was just shutting it's doors. The girl there was so friendly and gave us the charger, so we were saved! If we had gotten out just 3 minutes later we would have been stranded, well at least until AAA could have gotten there. the whole way home I heard this mumble in the back of the car and I just assumed the kids were playing a game or watching a movie. When we got home, Rachel told me that they prayed the whole time, the rosary and more. We were on the road for an hour! Sometimes they can really make you proud! They were so worried that the car would simply stop and we would be stranded, LOL. My battery must not hold the charge anymore. Another thing to take care of, it just never ends. My tire has a slow leak so I have to have that fixed on Monday, plus I need an oilchange and inspection. Cars are a pain!
It has really gotten cold here, only in the 20s today. That stove is sure getting a workout, but we love it!
Yesterday I received an email about having a LO posted at GSO. that was a first for me and quite a thrill! I don't know how they pick the pages they post. They go through a whole bunch of galleries and just pick some. How cool! I didn't think my page was that great!
Today I received my VA book in the mail, it really looks nice. I picked the 8x8 this time and it really is a nice size. I found a couple of things I don't like, the stamp on the front is still blue, I didn't get it changed and there is a page where the writing is too light, I must not have changed that either. I will check with them, but I doubt that they will fix that. It still looks great. I noticed that 3 other people have ordered my book, which I thought was really weird! What are they going to do with my vacation book? Some pages are kind of nice just per se, but it really is a private book. So strange!
Well, here come the pages as usual, I bet you couldn't wait :) you can find the credits here
Same as always!


Carol said...

It must have felt great to finally have your book in your hands. But other people ordering it? Very strange, unless it is your DH or children.
Your layouts are stunning (as they always are) but make me feel guilty for not scrapping as much as I want lol.

Jeanne said...

Oh goodness..I'm sorry to hear about your car troubles. I hope you are able to get it all fixed so you won't (nor will your kids) worry when you are on the road.

It's very strange to think strangers would order your book. Are you sure they are actually ordering it and not just viewing it? Or do you have family out there that might enjoy it?

Your layouts are fantastic! Like Carol said...I so admire how much you are able to get pages done and no so much how little I do lately!

Thanks for sharing!

Terry said...

Sorry about the car troubles. I just hate it when my car leaves me walking!

So weird about someone buying your book. Guess you could say you are really "published" now, huh.

Ann said...

WOOHOOHOO girlfriend! I just found out that you are the featured scrapper!! This is a well deserved honor. I finally found some time to post on my blog again. This going back to work (even part time) is killing me. LOL

jeanne said...

Well, I can understand how someone would be enthralled with your layouts but ordering a copy is a little disconcerting to say the least. Harrumphhhh!

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