Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cat is out of the bag

so to speak. Paperbag Studios is officially open! That is the other store I am designing for and she really has some nice stuff! My friend Jeanne introduced me to her and I must say she is really sweet and easy going. Now I can finally show you the pages I created with her kits

First-Snow-(PBS) This is actually the latest one I made, using the Holiday Passion Kit. I just love that tree and the flakes.

Sweetness My sweet middle child! I used the JuJu kit here, no mixing with anything else

us this picture just cracks me up. We are in China here, just about 13 years ago. Look at his hair :) We are picking up our oldest and are having lunch at a Pizza Hut! What a time we had! Anyway, I used the Juju Kit here too

Oh-blessed-summer this was one of the earlier pages I did, I used Silent Nectar, love the butterflies, I recolored some a little.

You-and-me I love this one, it's Jeanne's favorite too. It is so different from my usual style, but I really like the way it turned out. The kit is called Take a Chance

Sunset-(2) Last but not least, that one is the first one I created for her, using the Silent Nectar Kit. I just love that leaf and the twig, they look so real.

I am really trying to keep up with the daily pages at DD, I am a little behind though. christmas seems to want to get into the way of my creativity here :) Let's see, here are pages 3 and 4


followed by 5 and 6

December-Dailies-Five December-Dailies-Six I can't even believe how many I have to make up already! I will do it, even if it kills me! I don't know where I will find the time, I am not even done with my shopping or decorating! Leaving comments in the galleries is taking up so much time, it's not even funny. It almost seems like that's all I do anymore! Stop being so darn creative people!!!

A-memory-captured-(Mike) This was for Saturday Scraplift at DD, DS falling asleep with his DS in his hands, too cute!


Still him, this one was for the template challenge. I kind of like it, it wasn't too popular in the gallery, who knows why. Oh yeah, I forgot, I got my new Lightroom!!! I love it, I can't even tell you how much you can change your photos with it. I am still fiddling with it, so I am no expert, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Yesterday we received 1 ton of pellets for our stove, so we had to push them all through a little basement window and stack them in the basement. 50 bag at 40 lbs

I was surprised it didn't take longer than it did. I could sure feel my arm muscles after that It doesn't look like it here, but there were a lot!

Okay, time to brush my teeth and had out to Karate. Talk to you all soon. Oh yeah, as usual credits for the other LOs can all be found here


Jeanne said...

Oh boy! Look at you fly! These are some awesome pages and congrats on being a part of another design team.

I don't envy you having to stack all those pellet bags. They look heavy to me!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your role at Paperbag Studios. Your layouts are just gorgeous as always.

You are doing a fantastic job with your layout a day.

I am glad you mentioned lightroom - I have it but as yet have not played with it.

Dawn said...

all i can say is...


Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!