Friday, December 12, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

at least on my pages for my December book :) I am really trying to catch up, but it seems like I am always a bit behind. Here are pages 7 and 8

December-Dailies-Seven December-Dailies-Eight

and 9 and 10

December-Dailies-Nine December-Dailies-Ten

I put in a picture of my new freezer although that happened a few days earlier, but what the heck. There are my bags of pellets, that was a job and a half, but sure worth it (I hope)

I love the picture of my Nativity set, I added some snow to it today and promptly dropped one of the kings which broke into a million pieces, I can't glue it together anymore. I can't believe i did that! I still am not done decorating, my tree is on my porch, waiting to be put up. My neighbor always goes to cut his and brings one back for me. I love that, he also puts it up for me. Of course the last couple of years the whole tree fell over, decorations and all! We had to tie it to the radiator!

Here are a couple more pages I did

Adore I made the tree out of ribbon pieces, that was fun!

summer-blooms this was with one of Vinnie's templates, very simple, but I like it. I love to see flowers right now, reminds me of summer

Today-(Jake) this big guy is our piano teacher's dog, or I should say one of them (she has 2). I am trying to make a few pages for the album we gave her last Christmas. I know she would love that.

That's it for the pages. Today we had snow again. Yesterday it rained and this morning I woke up and everything was white. What a crazy month! It was great not to have to go anywhere today except for piano in the evening. Still I am not done decorating. I got a little bit done but there is a lot more to do. Oh well, Christmas will get here no matter what. Okay, have a good night everybody


Terry said...

that dog is so cute!! Your Dec.pages are really looking good!

Snow!! Yikes!! I can't stand the cold weather. snow would do me in.

Carol said...

You are doing a fantastic job with keeping up with your layouts. Your nativity is beautiful and how cute is that dog!

Dawn said...

ohhhhhhhh...i just love your layouts and i have been seeing them all over the are famous!!

jeanne said...

Love them all. Wow!!! You know that I am jealous . . . in a totally good way.

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